Psychotic Disorders

By: Mattie Ruby

What are psychotic disorders?

Psychotic disorders are severe mental disorders that cause abnormal thinking and perception. One psychotic disorder is Schizophrenia.

When can Psychotic disorders happen and what are the symptoms?

Psychotic disorders can happen at any point during the life course though it is difficult to diagnose. The symptoms of psychosis are hallucinations and delusions.

Things that can cause Psychotic disorders.

Psychotic disorders are a direct result of external or environmental factors. Also other things that can cause psychotic disorders are alcohol, some drugs, brain tumors, brain infections, and strokes.
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Book tie in/reccomendation

My research ties into the book I was reading, because one of the main characters has a psychotic disorder. The family is trying to cooperate with this transition, but it is very difficult for the family because it happened out of nowhere. This book was interesting to see how someone would deal with a family member who suffers from a psychotic disorder, but i did not care for the writing style of this book. I would recommend this book to someone who likes short and interesting reads.