Wayra demoDay Madrid

Less than 48h away...

In fewer than 48 hours the Wayra demoDay Madrid begins!

This Wednesday, at Wayra demoDay Madrid, you will be able to meet our cool start-ups and to network with international investors and mentors, entrepreneurship gurus and Wayra's entire ecosystem.

Wayra demoDay Madrid

Wednesday, April 17th, 3-5pm

1 Calle de Fuencarral

Madrid, Community of Madrid

Hashtag: #wddMAD


14:00 - Registration

15:00 - Welcome: Opening remarks

15:15 - Fireside Chat - Eden Shochat (please see bio below)

15:55 - Guest Startup presentation: mangatar (Italy)

16:00 - Wayra Madrid Startup Presentations

17:00 - Closing remarks

17:05 - Startup stands + Networking (Wayra Academy)

Keynote Speaker


Eden Shochat is an experienced entrepreneur and also a Venture Capitalist. On the entrepreneurial side, Eden has been involved in several successful ventures like face.com, the world leader in massive, web-scale face recognition in social networks with over 50 billion indexed images acquired by Facebook.com on July 2012. Prior to that, he was a co founder of Aternity, specializing in Frontline Performance Intelligence, and Delavenne Enterprises, an analytics-based hedge fund. On the VC side, Eden is a general partner of Genesis Partners, a $600 million Israeli fund focused at early stage investing. Eden’s investment areas include consumer products, enabling products for funnel based businesses and public cloud infrastructure.

Eden also is the founder of The Junction, an open house for entrepreneurs, uniquely creating a “pay-it-forward” acceleration model based in Tel Aviv and co-organizator of the yearly Geekcon unconference.


You can follow the streaming of the whole event at: http://www.wayra.tv/streaming/

Teams presenting


Bucmi is the answer to a question: If you buy flights, hotels, clothes, coffee capsules, make reservations for restaurants and thousands of other things online, why not book an appointment with your beauty salon? Bucmi is a schedule shared between professionals and clients that allow you to check the availability of the professionals that most interest you receive promotions and make appointments without having to pick up the phone and make a phone call. The online service allows you to book appointments at your convenience, and not have to ensure you call during work hours. Currently, Bucmi has 20 top end fashion hairdressers among its +60 saloons in Madrid and counts on a launch promotion of a 40% discount on all services. Bucmi will continue to add new sites to the platform as well as other discounts.

Executive Summary


What is Bucmi?


There are more than 1,3 Billion Smartphones in the world and over 200 million people are used to sharing their photos using these devices, In fact over 10 Million photos are shared every day. Those are our potential customers because….. Graffter is the coolest evolution of taking pictures with the smartphone. Never have users been able to use real city walls to be able to project their images. With Graffter it is now possible.

It is as easy as physically choosing the wall (stadium, restaurant, monument, etc.) the user wants to use, the app will visually identify the wall you are in front of, and will show you pictures that other users have left allowing you to comment on them or to leave your own pictures. The usability of this app would allow for it to be used as a new Virtual Space for advertising.

With Graffter you will never see the city in the same way.

Executive Summary


The Graffter Day!


Hiveplay takes the jukebox to the Smartphone. Hiveplay allows their users to vote the next song to be played at their favorite venues. We provide the music to the venues, interaction with the TV’s and social media. Furthermore, we provide a CRM for the venues, which allows them to better know their customers; with this data they can elaborate more appropriate client segmentation.

Executive Summary


Hiveplay How it works


Invoost is a game where players compete in stock trading tournaments using virtual money for the chance to win real money! We combine fantasy sports with the stock market game in a real money game. Currently we are hosting the largest college stock trading championship in the United States.

Executive Summary




In today´s society parents have less and less time to be able to think of activities for their children, or are frustrated with a lack of ideas but want to find the best down time to be able to enjoy with their children. Juntines.com is a clear, simple and complete search engine for busy parents looking for fun activities to enjoy the best quality time with kids. The best ideas to do indoors, outdoors and online filtered by age, geo-reference, weather, prices... for all cities in Spain. Parents can select their favourite activities or filters, search what other parents are doing, compare, share or find the best offers for the day.

Executive Summary

Web (username: juntines password: cocina)

What is Juntines?


In Origo you are your opinions and that’s your digital footprint, opinions about the things you’re surrounded by, your experiences and your thoughts. Those are the reason of your way of being (Your Origin). Everyone has an opinion about everyday things, sharing them can help you to show the way you see the world, you might get to know interesting people and know different points of view. A world without opinions is like a world without people.

Origo will provide brands with a Dashboard and a private API, all the data will allow them measure in real time and analyze how the brand is perceived as well as to see how competitors brands are perceived. With this helpful tool, brands will have direct data about how a campaign is doing, if it is affecting its users the way they want it to as well as review what competitive advantage competing brands may have.

Executive Summary


Un primer vistazo a Origo


PanamNav is the ultimate solution to authenticate space and time anywhere in the world.

From being able to authenticate your geographical position in social networking or shopping and pay with your phone, to secure banking transactions or data exchange files and share trading authenticated to ensure mobile communications, energy supply or make traffic more fluid… PanamNav will be at your side to provide confidence and security in human relationships. The XXI century economy needs confidence, and that confidence is served by PanamNav.

Executive Summary


CertiLoc(TM), The Definitive Location Certification Service, by PanamNav.com


Zuzeen is the platform made for the artist to deliver his own live content through a personalized channel that will be also embedded on his Facebook page, web or mobile app. All this will allow the artist to connect with fans and media throughout an interactive way.

Executive Summary





Its first game, Dengen Chronicles, is a social game set in the Japanese cartoon world: the Manga.

Technically it is a massive multiplayer collectible card game, through which the users can create their own cards, challenge each other, meet new friends and play together collaboratively. This means that each user plays with real users and not against the computer, unlike most social games (e.g. Zynga games, where player collaboration is just a small component).

Executive Summary


Mangatar teaser


Wayra Global demo Day 2012 - Opening video