Tourism in Central America

Ellie, Jordanna, and Camille's project

Tourism problems

The problems of tourism in Central America are pollution of the air. People are driving long distances, using paper and plastic bags, and leaving electrical stuff plugged in. Tourists are using up many natural recourses by using vast amounts of energy from resorts and cruise ships, that pollute the air.

Animals are going extinct because of air pollution and taking away natural resources from them. Tourists visit the rainforest for many different reasons, but if the habitats in the rain forests are altered in any way this can be extremely harmful to a plant or animal species. Another effect of tourism is plants dying because of air pollution and then they can't give people and animals clean oxygen. Tourism companies are building large resorts that kill trees in the process. All the energy from these buildings cause blackouts for locals.

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Funky rainforest!

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Sad... Trees are dying :*(

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Northern Royal Flycatcher

Effects of Regular Tourism

With all the energy being used by resorts and cruise ships there's not much left for locals. The locals of this region experience many power outages. Also there's lots of pollution from the ships and resorts and this makes the locals' air not as fresh as it could be. Another effect is overcrowding in buildings, streets, and popular places. "You could be walking in the streets and lose your mommy." -Camille Fiasco

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Solutions to the Problems

Our solution is ecotourism. Ecotourism is a way for tourists to visit the beautiful rain forests, and other places in Central America, without harming the environment . People can stand on tall structures, lifted off the ground to observe the wild life. This way people can enjoy these amazing habitats without harming the species that live there. Hotels can also be made for ecotourism. A hotel in Costa Rica was built with the loss of only a single tree!

How Solutions will Affect the Locals

Ecotourism helps the locals by letting these regions keep one of their biggest industries, while sustaining their resources. It also provides jobs for locals. They can be a tour guide, work in hotels, be a ranger, and more. Ecotourism has very little negative affect on the locals environment, soil, and the rain forests.