Challenge A News & Notes

To Know God and Make Him Known

Time Flies

The Bible reminds us that there is a season for everything, and this summer has been a season of learning for me...learning (again) how to be a single mom, learning how to let my kids go (with their grandparents) and of course learning about the Challenge program. I feel great now that my Practicum training is over! I learned so much while attending. I am still on the journey of learning. It never really ends, right? :-) For now I'd like to pass along some insight to you as you plan for the month of August.

How Can I Prepare for Challenge A?

As a Mom

I'm currently reading The Question by Leigh Bortins. It is an excellent resource for the dialectic art and the teen years in general.

Regarding Latin (Grammar Strand)

Henle Latin begins with understanding nouns. You can have your son practice the noun cases (Cycle 1, Week 1 Foundations). Also have your son practice the Noun Endings, 1st - 5th declension. These are also in Cycle 1 Foundations. A handy resource for this is the back page of the Latin Trivium Tables and/or CC Connected.

Regarding Math (Logic Strand)

Plan to use whatever math curriculum is a great fit for your son. We will use problems and skills based on Saxon Math 8/7, but your son is welcome to bring problems from his personal math curriculum. I will ask him to bring two problems from his previous week's schoolwork to every community day.

Regarding Science (Research Strand)

Begin to talk to your son about the science fair to get him to generate ideas about what he may wish to study in depth. Buy or create some type of sketch journal so that he can sketch and take notes on our weekly topics. This can be a store-bought journal or looseleaf and lined paper that you put together at home. Choose the method that you think might work best for your son.

Regarding Apologetics (Rhetoric Strand)

Take a look at the catechism questions in the guide (pgs 160-164). Familiarize yourself as a mom with any terms that are new. Think about various ways to help your son memorize this information...drill, flash cards, song, copywork, etc.

Regarding Cartography (Debate Strand)

Spend some time thumbing through the new cartography resource book with your son. This book is a great platform to practice asking the questions of the 5 Common Topics...define, compare, circumstances, relationship, and testimony (see pg 182 of your guide).

Regarding Literature (Expo & Comp Strand)

Have your son read or listen to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe before our first community day. As a mom, use your access to the Lost Tools of Writing videos to watch the first two videos. They are short and very helpful and informative.

Here is the link for the videos...the link provided in my LTW book didn't work for me.

The password is PEVENSIES

Regarding Supplies

I think most of you are in good shape in regards to the book resources you'll need for Challenge A. As things go on sale for back to school you may also wish to consider buying index cards, highlighters (pink, green, orange, and blue), a backpack or cart (for bringing materials to community day), sticky filing tabs, plain paper, notebook paper and graph paper.

Regarding Parent Orientation

The Challenge A guide is a wealth of information! Plan to read the entire guide before the first community day. Before Orientation please read at a minimum pages 1-30 as well as the appendix (pages 98-108).


Remember to enjoy your summer and marvel at your growing son! Eat popsicles, watch the sun set, play a video game with him, pray for him, stay up too late, tell jokes, and ask God to prepare you for the amazing journey we have ahead of us this school year. He is Faithful!!

Parent Orientation

Monday, Aug. 7th, 5:30pm

1701 Crystal Valley Parkway

Castle Rock, CO

Join me for our Orientation to Challenge A! Please plan to have your son and at least one parent attend. We will meet at Rhyolite Park to allow a play space for siblings. Also, the A students will join us for the first half of the meeting and then they can play and hang out for the rest of the meeting.
If you'd like we can make it a dinner meeting and have pizza delivered. Let me know your thoughts.
Plan to bring your guide.