Labs have a common name but not that common in other states. Labs come in many different colors and sizes too. There is no labs that are exactly the same in anyway. Dogs are unique in their own way. They all don't do the same exact thing at the same exact time.

Labs and their name and where they come from

Labs names are very special to their kind. Labs are most common from Australia, Canada,New Zealand,United Kingdom, and United States. Labs got their names from their homelands. They come from Many States and countries. Labs can come from other states and countries but they are most common in those states.

Strong swimmers

Labs are good swimmers. Labs are so fantastic at swimming. They are sometimes used for helping fisher men of in the water. Labs could last days out in the middle of the sea for days. Labs webbed paws help them swim better. When labs are swimming they are so good and well trained that they can catch like fish and other animals in the water. Labs can swim in very deep water.

How Many People have Labs

Lot of people have labs. More than 50% of the world has a labs. If they have a dog. The world has more labs then you know of. Labs are the most popular kind of dog. Did you know 67% of the united states has a labs. Did you also know that 55% of the united kingdom has a lab.

Good with Labs

Labs are a really friendly kind of dog they are friendly to all people. Labs love people more than other dogs. The most common kind of service dog is a lab. Labs are good dog. Labs are the most helpful dogs know matter what. Labs are gentle, nice, and friendly are good with a family with children.


Labs have many different specialties for many different things. They are very special dogs anyone who wants a dog I would recommend a lab. I have a lab and usually the first five years they have more energy than they will ever have in their puppy years. Labs are very sweet but can sometimes get into a lot of trouble. Nobody should ever give away a lab because they don’t listen half of the time. They should take thought and love and care for their dog