The Glass Castle Real World Issues

By: Michael Ryman

Mental Illness

A person's thinking, feeling or mood may affect and disrupt his ability to relate to others and function in daily life. Rose mary is an example of this because she has a very fluxuating mood. She enjoys doing things at once and then minutes later she changes and gets frustrated with it or annoyed.She tends to do things based off of how she feels about not by if its right or wrong.
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Civil Disobediance

Rex walls is a good examle of this becuase he promotes the running away from the authority. He chooses to steal from banks saying that it is legal and he is also running from his taxes. He doesnt show a good example for his kids, he actually promotes it by making up a lie.
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Rex and Rose Mary are an example of this because once they move to New York they struggle to earn money. Rex continues to drink so the continue heading downhill not paying rent until the point where there landlord tossed their bags on the street and put a lock on their door. They stay homeless until Jeanette decides to help them.
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Rex Was an example of this because he had a unique parenting style. He chose to teach his children the hard way. For example when he was teaching Jeanette he wouldn't help her but once she reached him heed throw her back in the water , he went on with this until Jeanette was finally able to swim. Also half the time he was at a bar drinking to get drunk instead of looking after his children.
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Jeanette is a good example of this because at first she had given up on education thinking she could go on through life without a college degree. She turned out to be wrong when a fellow co worker told her there is life outside of this job and there are better opportunities, she just need to go to college.
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Rex was the perfect example for this. His hobby was to drink every single day. This caused him to be mean, destructive, and make poor decisions. Rex had an extreme problem and fixed it for short periods of time, and it never worked out. He was an disappointment to his family but didn't really care about what they thought, it was almost as if he only cared about himself when he was drunk.
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