QR Codes: Project Ideas for Using QR Codes with Your Devices

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What are QR Codes?


Activity 1 - Pre-made QR Code Activities

Are you on Pinterest? How about Teachers Pay Teachers? There are so many free resources out there for educators, it's hard to know where to start. Yes, our district pays for some AWESOME resources. If you are looking to experiment with QR codes, you'll need to step outside the box for a moment. See what's out there until you are confident enough to try it on your own.

Activity 2- Create Your Own QR Codes

As the classroom teacher, you are the expert in delivering the content your students need. Use QR codes to get your students hooked into your lessons. Add a website, plain text, voice recordings, and /or videos using QR codes. Students go directly to the content you have chosen for them. Take a chance and watch them take flight!

Twelve Ideas for Teaching with QR Codes - Edutopia

Activity 3 - QR Codes for the Advanced User

If you've already been using QR codes in your classroom, here are some ways to take your activities to the next level.

QR Code Live Binder

Need Integration Assistance?

Need help integrating a digital resource into your class activities? Want to co-teach a lesson? Want to set up one-on-one training? Simply have questions on how to best implement a technology resource? In your request, try to be specific with what your needs are. Say something like "I would like training with/in..." or "I'm planning out a lesson and need to bounce an idea off you about..."

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