The visit to Italy

Come and stay at the fabulous resorts in Italy

The population and land area

The population of Italy is 61,351,600 people

The land area of Italy is 116,305

The location of Italy

Italy is located in the southern part of europe. It is a peninsula and it is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea on three sides. Italy borders France, Austria, Slovenia, San Marino,and Switzerland.

The languages spoken and the religions practiced

They're a lot of different languages spoken in Italy including italian, the biggest language spoken in Italy and here are a few languages spoken in a few cities there including, Naples speaks neapolitan, Florence speaks tuscan, Rome speaks roman, umbrian, and marchigiano, and Venice speaks venetian. Those are just a few major cities with their languages spoken there. Just as languages they're a lot of religions practiced there including, 77% Christianity, 1% Islam, Non religious groups 15%, other religions 7%.

The climate and crops produced and the types of government

With Italy's hot dry summers and cool wet winters Italy experiences a Mediterranean climate. Winters there are cool and humid and the coast are kept warm by the high sea temperatures. Summers there can be quite hot there and fall has thunderstorms. Fruit is important particularly the apples, peaches, and the sugar beets is a crop for industrialization. The horticultural produce, most importantly tomatoes, is widely cultivated. Localized importance is the product of certain trees such as chestnut and hazel trees. Certain other products like mushrooms and truffles are found in quantities as well as wild strawberries and raspberries.

Type of government and environmental concerns

The type of government for Italy is republic and the president is Giorgio Napolitano. The term length is 7 years and Giorgio was elected in 2008 and step down as being president in 2015. The legislature seats 952 people and the second executive type is a prime minister. The current environmental issues are air pollution from industrial emissions such as sulfur dioxide coastal and inland rivers that are polluted from industrial and agricultural effluents. Acid rain is damaging the lakes inadequate industrial waste treatment and disposal facilities.

The jobs and where people live also the main attractions

Italians have lots of jobs to do such as administrative and religious staffs at the churches they have there. Or maybe they work in the family businesses such as working at boutiques or restaurants their families own. Most people live in the urban areas with towns and cities which that will be in northern Italy. Southern Italy has mostly rural areas. People particularly live near the west coax around Rome and Naples and in the PO valley. There are quite a few number of main attractions in Italy because it is the home of the greatest number of tourism spots in the world. There are so many places to see and visit in Italy that i can't name them all. Here are just a few places including the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Garland, Lake Garda, and the Colosseum Museum.