The Cardturner

Author: Louis Sachar - Report: Parker Goertzen

About the book...

Alton's summer highlight turns out to be driving his blind uncle to bridge games, after having his girlfriend leave him for his best friend. Sounds boring, huh? Well he starts to eventually pick up on how to play bridge and may even find himself starting to like it. This book really has all the unexpected events that will keep any reader engaged.


  1. Did you enjoy the book? Yes, it was a very good read.
  2. Was it well written? Yes, I thought so.
  3. What was the genre? Fiction.
  4. Is this book part of a series? No, it is not.
  5. Did you notice a tone? No, I did not.
  6. Was the ending satisfactory? Yes, if found it to be.
  7. Would you recommend this book? Most defiantly.

A Great Read for Anyone!

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Louis Sachar is also the author of the best selling book, "Holes"