Brown Summit Middle School

Center for Advanced Academics

April 16, 2021

BSMS Daily Schedule

9:15 - 9:30 - Student Drop off window

9:40 - Instructional Day begins

4:10 - Instructional Day ends

4:10-4:20 - Car rider and Bus Departure window

From Dr. Robertson:

Phoenix Families,

We are excited to welcome our combined A & B Cohorts for starting April 19th. We have worked hard as a staff to plan for their arrival and to continue and maintain our health and safety protocols. Classrooms have been reviewed and they meet 3 feet social distancing guidelines.

For lunch, being that students will have their masks removed to eat, we will operate at 6 feet social distancing guidelines. To do this, we have opened up alternate spaces that will allow our students to spread out. Also, students will also be allowed to eat outdoors on nice days in order to spread out. Your student can bring a beach towel or picnic blanket that can be used on those days in which we allow them that opportunity. Who doesn't like a nice picnic?!?

Again, we are excited to welcome back our students, and we promise to still provide both, face to face and remote learners with strong instruction over the final few weeks of school.

Also, we will soon share information about GCS provided summer opportunities that will be made available for student enrichment and opportunities to help mitigate any learning loss. Be on the look out for that information over the next few weeks.

Car Pool Link

Families, in an effort to assist families in setting up car pools due to the recent change that has current Face to Face students attending school five days a week, PTSA has reopened the car pool link. Please use this link to state your interest.
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As part of North Carolina Testing law (G.S. § 115C-174), your 6th – 8th grade child is required to take the End-of-Grade (EOG) Tests and for students enrolled in NC Math 1 the End-of-Course (EOC) Test during the final ten days of the school year. All students, both in-person and remote, are required to be tested in person at Brown Summit Middle School.

The purpose of this standardized test is to establish a measure of your child’s reading, math, and/or science skills for the 2020 – 2021 school year. Per state regulation, there is no “opt-out’ provision and these tests must be taken in-person. North Carolina does not offer a remote option for any state accountability assessment.

EOG and EOC testing will begin on Wednesday, 5/19, and continue through June 2nd. Testing dates are outlined below for both remote and in-person learners:

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Testing dates and additional information for remote families can be found by clicking here.

Testing dates and additional information for in-person families can be found by clicking here.

Attention Remote Families!!!

Please complete the form linked here to confirm your child’s attendance for EOG/EOC testing.

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If your 8th grade child was a part of the group that took or will take the NWEA MAP Testing as a part of your ECG Admissions Process, you do not have to take it again with BSMS. Those families know who they are as they have already taken the test or are scheduled to take it this weekend. This only applies to those students who were invited to Round 2.

NWEA MAP Growth Assessments

The Spring administration of the NWEA MAP Growth Assessments will take place this week. These assessments help teachers check student performance by measuring achievement and growth. Teachers use results from these assessments to adjust classroom lessons and instruction as well as to set goals for students.

The purpose of these assessments is to inform instruction, personalize learning, and measure academic growth between test administrations.

Current in-person students will take the MAP Growth Assessments on the dates listed below:

Thursday, April 22: MAP Growth Reading for all current in-person students

Friday, April 23: MAP Growth Math for all current in-person students

Current remote students will take both MAP Growth Assessments on Wednesday, 4/21. Testing will occur in person. Students should be dropped off between 9:15-9:40 and can stay for the duration of the day. Students may be picked up at 4:10 pm. Remote students should bring their device and charger for testing. Students should check their Canvas Inbox as well as their homeroom teachers’ Canvas announcements for additional test day logistics including test administrator groupings.


Brown Summit’s 2020-2021 Yearbook Needs Your Help!

While this was anything but a typical school year, we still want to make sure that our BSMS family can enjoy an amazing yearbook to remember the year by. To be able to do that, we need everyone to pitch in! Here are some ways you can help us make sure your student makes their mark in this year:

1. Sign up for the Brown Summit Treering page using this link:

This will also allow you to purchase your child’s yearbook. Please note: All orders are handled online by TreeRing. Soft Cover Books: $14.59 Hard Cover Books: 21.54

2. Upload your child’s portrait

Due to not having a school picture day, we don’t have pictures for the most important part of the yearbook – the portraits! TreeRing, our yearbook company, has opened a new feature that will allow families to upload their child/children’s portrait photo(s).


3. Help us out by submitting photos to our shared photo folders. There are folders for each grade level’s candids (aka – any great photos you have!), spirit week, and sports/extra curricular activities (we love seeing what our students do outside of school!).


Keep in mind, photos uploaded to the shared folders are viewable by our school community.

4. Set up your child’s custom pages! An awesome feature of TreeRing is that it allows every purchaser of the yearbook to add 2 custom pages to their copies. These pages can be filled with notes, photos, memories and more. You can even add more custom pages for a fee.


5. Have your student take advantage of online signatures! Students can request and send signatures to each other. Please note: signatures will only appear in your child’s yearbook if they place them in their custom pages. They are not automatically printed.


6. 8th Grade Families Only: Once again, we will be offering *free* small 8th grade recognition ads in our yearbook. TreeRing has fully automated this process so that families can set it up themselves to make it perfect to suit their child.


The deadline for all of the above is April 23rd.

Yearbooks purchased by May 4th will receive free shipping and be shipped to the school. After this deadline, books will be printed on demand and shipped to your home for a fee.

From our Counselor, Mrs. Sloan:

Rising 9th Grade General Registration is still underway. Ms. Sloan is working with in-person and remote students to complete their high school registration. All registrations must be completed by April 30th. If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Sloan at

Summer Registration—If your student is interested in taking a course over the summer please contact Mrs. Sloan to discuss options. For 8th graders, please consult the counselor at your assigned high school for advice and permission to take the summer course. Taking summer courses are not required and should be considered if your high school program suggests it.

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In PTSA News:

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GCS Face Covering Reminders:

What kind of face-covering is acceptable?

  • Face coverings/face masks help limit the spread of COVID-19 and are mandatory in GCS schools.
  • GCS will provide face coverings for all students and staff. If students or staff prefer to wear their own face coverings/face masks, they should:
  • Be made of washable and breathable fabric that is tightly woven. Lace, bandanas, old t-shirts and stretchy knits do not provide sufficient protection.
  • Have at least two layers of material.
  • Fit snugly to the child’s face and covers the nose and mouth.
  • While allowable, Gaiter-style face coverings are not recommended by the CDC because they are more likely to fall below the nose or mouth.
  • Should be cleaned every day.
  • Handled by the ear loops or ties only.
  • Student and staff face coverings/masks must comply with all GCS policies and the Student Code of Conduct, as well as school dress codes. Non-compliance may result in student/personnel disciplinary action.
  • If a student or staff member does not have a face covering, the school principal/teacher or supervisor will provide one. Supplies are available at every school and in every facility; principals/supervisors can order additional supplies from the district.

GCS-Website Link for Re-Opening Schools

  • Wear cloth face covering over the mouth and nose, remain 6ft or more apart, and wash/sanitize hands regularly.

• CDC’s Mask Guidance: “Improve How Your Mask Protects You” -

• No recommendation for the general public to wear a medical mask

• Use of double masking with N95 NOT recommended

Use of 2 disposable masks NOT recommended

• Options listed concerning add layers of material:

Use a cloth mask with multiple layers of fabric OR

• Wear one disposable mask underneath a cloth mask (The second mask should push the edges of the inner mask against your face).

Curbsite Pickup for Library Books..

Curbside and contact free library checkout is available now! Just put what books you want on hold in Destiny or fill out this request and Mrs. Zamboni will let you know when your books are ready to be picked up. Visit the school website for more details!