Pipestone National Park

Sal's journey to pipestone

Why did Sal go to Pipestone National Monument?

Sal went to pipestone because gramps saw a n advertisement of pipestone and he saw an Indian smoking a pipe and wanted to experience the same and he said it was a once a lifetime opportunity. Gramps buys one pipe for himself and one for Sal as a memory.

Pipestone National Monument History

Pipestone National Monument is originally the land of Indians and is very sacred to many Native Americans and Indians. The Nicollet Rock is a notable historic point within Pipestone National Monument. The Nicollet Expedition of 1838 was the first to map the area.

Pictures of Pipestone

Entrance fees and things to do.

Entrance fees for 16 and above is $3.00 and 15 and above is free and so are American Indians enrolled in a tribe recognized by the American Tribe Association. Pipestone offers a wide range of things to do. You can go on nature walks and they offer movies about the park you can veiw and they have a museum that displays the famous red Pipestone rock.