The Best Place to Live!

gliese 158g newly named as nonce

Interesting things about Nonce

  • It was discovered on September 29th of 2010
  • The constellation is Libra
  • Gravity is 10% to 70% stronger than Earths gravity

The basics

Diameter: 3 times larger than Earth

Distance from its Sun: 22 million km

Temperature: unknown, but estimated to be around -37 to -11C

Length of a Day: unknown as of right now

Length of a Year: .10 years

Distance From Earth: 20.3 Light years

Number of Rings: None

Number of Moons: None



Problems You might Experience and Solutions

The first problem being that the Planets surface is said to be very rocky, but that can be fixed by breaking the rocks into smaller pieces to use for other materials. The second problem is that the planet is in tide locking, an easy solution to that is to live in the "twilight zone" which is the space between the two sides of light and dark. Finally the third problem is that the temperature could be blazing hot one day and freezing cold the next, but in an atmosphere with a density like it has the extreme temperatures are predicted to be more moderate.


On The Planet

Age: Around 148 if you're 15 in Earth years

Value of g: 12.7491

Weight: 752.2 pounds if you weigh 130 on Earth

If your spaceship can travel at 0.1C it will take 203 years to get to the planet and you would be around 215 when you arrive