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What I want to do in the future

What i want to do in the future

In the future, I want to create and design my own video game, publish, and sell it.
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To start with

I have tried a software called " Game Maker Studio. " This software allow you to create you very own easy and simple games, and share it.
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Game engines

Every video games has its own game engine. When i get older, i want to work with a more advanced game engine and create games that people likes. I've played a lot of games powered by Source Engine (orange picture, middle) and Unity Engine (black picture, top right). Source Engine have been used by popular companies such as Valve Corp.


I want to go to colleges that focuses on technology, like Full Sail University and ITT Tech.

Next gen or current gen consoles

The game that i wanted to make could be available in the next gen or current gen consoles so that people would see it play it. Although it would be hard to work on current gen and next gen consoles, it's one way for people to get their attention on it.

Mobile games

I am also interested in making android and or IOS games. There are some simple game maker apps on android and IOS that I've tried. This idea is inspired by a simple game that someone made. Simple, but make big money they say. Everybody knows what the game is called, it's " Flappy Bird. " My father says that some kids my age can make simple games on mobile.
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Game community

I would love to see someone or myself made a little community based on the game I created. Or I could start a community on Steam. Steam is where almost every best selling games are available there. And some of the games on Steam have HUGE community, like Counter Strike Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, and Dota 2.

other option

I also would like to be good and learn some famous sports. This I may be able to do if i know how to play football and basketball. In PE class, I'm having trouble playing basketball and football with others who already knew how to play and are good at it.