KB Newsletter

January 2016 - Issue 4

Dates to Remember

Friday, January 8th - First Friday Milton Spirit Day - wear your blue and gold/Miltonwear

Monday, January 18th - No School - MLK Jr. Day

Friday, January 29th - Teddy Bear/Pajama Day - details to follow

Friday, February 12th - KB Theme Musical - during music class

Friday, February 12th - Valentine's Day Party - all adults invited to attend

February 15th - 19th - No School - Midwinter Recess

Language Arts

January is an exciting month during our journey of becoming readers and writers. In Fundations, we are using all we know about letter sounds to "tap out" consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words. We've started our second Reading Workshop unit all about reading "super powers" such as pointing to each word as we read and looking for sight words we recognize.

In the middle of the month , we will be kicking off our unit of study about bears. The children will be working to research different kinds of bears and to record their learning in "All About Bears" books, which they will create. We will notice the difference between bears in fiction and non-fiction books, and will explore how to use traditional books and e-books to support our learning.

Our guided reading is off to a great start. Please take care of the books sent home and return them in your child’s reading folder as soon as possible (within 2 days). I will send home a kindergarten reading log at the end of the month once the Read-a-thon has ended.


We are working on Unit 3 in our math program, which focuses on teen numbers and addition/subtraction within 10. We have exploring the concept that teen number is made up of a group of ten and extra ones. Additionally, we have been practicing explaining which strategy we use when problem solving (i.e. counting on our fingers, drawing a picture, mental math).

The 100th day of school is on the way; we will soon send home an optional 100th day project. The children are so excited for this milestone event!

Things to Do at Home

  • Practice writing lowercase letters
  • Read your sight words every night
  • Practice sounding out CVC words and putting the sounds together (for example: c-a-t cat)
  • Write simple sentences using sight words you know (for example: I see a cat. I like dogs. The cat is red.)
  • Go on a word hunt while reading
  • Practice writing numbers greater than 10
  • Practice solving simple addition and subtraction equations
  • Practice zippering your coat and tying your shoes


  • Please send in a healthy snack with your child each day, even on the days he or she is buying lunch.
  • Our Phys. Ed. days are Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please make sure your child has sneakers.
  • Be sure to read The Bugle each week for special announcements.