Student Orientation Course (SOC)

You still need to do your "Student Orientation Course."

Before you can gain access to your Georgia Virtual School (GaVS) course, you must complete the "Student Orientation Course."

1) Look at your "Student Bulletin Board" Widget.

Once you have logged in to your GaVS account, you should see your "student bulletin board." Click on the picture below to know what it should look like. Read your "student bulletin board" carefully. There is valuable information located here.

2) Look at your "My Courses" widget.

In the column on the right, you will find a widget called "My Courses." This is where you access your "Student Orientation Course" and your other GaVS courses, too. Click on "Student Orientation - Fall 2013."

3) Under "Content Browser," click on "Expectations" on the bottom.

Once you have clicked on the "Expectations" on the bottom, you should see the pic below.

4) Play the video, then go through the SOC page by page.

Please pay close attention to the video and please, please read the information located below the video very carefully.

5) One more important step -- your "Enrollment Group."

Upon completing the SOC, you will gain access to your GaVS courses. Once you have gained access to your course (remember that your GaVS course is located under "My Courses" widget), the first thing that you need to do is to enroll in an "Enrollment Group." Click on the picture below to see what you should be looking for -- your "Classroom Bulletin Board," which is top widget of your course home page.