Greensboro 4

By. Samantha

The Greensboro Four

The Greensboro Four was a group of sit-ins for the African-American Civil Rights Movement in 1955 to 1968. On February 1st 1960 four African-American students from a collage came to eat and they sat at a whites only area. The store manager asked them to leave and they refused until to leave until the store closed. The next day more than 20 African-American collage students joined the sit-in as well. Both days the lunch counter staff refused to serve them while they were sitting at whites only tables. On the third day 60 people came to the store to protest and on the fourth day more than 300 people. About one week after other collage students from other parts of North Carolina started their own protests. Some out of state towns started protesting too. Most of the prostest were peaceful but there were a few times when a fight broke out. On July 26th 1960 in Greensboro the whole Woolworths chain was desegregated and served blacks and whites alike.