A Big Voice

Winnebago past History

Long ago , the tribe of Winnebago live in Wisconsin , lllinois , and By big lakes . Some of the tribe people were forced to move westward by the U.S government the people who had to move live in Nebraska today.

Winnebago present History

The Winnebago tribe live in Wisconsin , Nebraska today . Some of the children are not learning their tribe's hand writing , and languages as well.


People at Winnebago live in Siouan tribes , houses were made out of birch back.


People at Winnebago has bow arrows , fishing spears and nets to get some food so they could eat.


Girls and boys play these kind of games they have quillwork , beadwork , basketry and pottery.

Interesting Facts

1.Ho-chunck people speak English.

2.Indians made birchbrick for fishing canoes.

3.Ho-chunck children go hunting and fishing or camp outdoors.