2MU News

Week of March 16, 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians,

2MU had a great week learning, celebrating, and dancing...read on to learn more about our activities.


  • We learned about text and graphic features through our Journeys story The Signmaker's Assistant.
  • We learned about synonyms
  • Inspired by The Signmaker's Assistant, the children created their own Silly Signs.
  • We read Green Is from the story Hailstone and Halibut Bones and then wrote our own "Green is" poem.'


  • We wrote opinion letters learning to keep our audience in mind and using story details to support our opinions.
  • As a Writer, we used a checklist to be sure our Opinion Letters contained the correct element to persuade our readers to agree with our opinion.
  • During Daily 5, we wrote our own Leprechaun Comic using a graphic organizer.
  • Using a Shamrock outline, the students responded to a writing prompt, "I am lucky because..."
  • We created and wrote in our Personal Journal an A to Z list of items we saw in the Art Museum


  • We continued to learn about fractions, focusing on realizing and understanding equivalent fractions.
  • We completed hands on activities making equal groups with chips and denoting a given fraction to represent the groups. For example, 2/6 of 12 is 4
  • We played an "Equivalent Fraction" game using fraction flashcards.


  • We performed an experiment to see if a sugar cube would melt faster in warm water or cool water
  • We observed salt crystals that formed once the water evaporated from our salt/water mixture we left in petri dishes.(Experiment 7)

Other Activities

  • We visited the Philadelphia Art Museum on Wednesday
  • We attended a Hip Hop Assembly sponsored by Lizzy Haddon's PTA

Which Melts a Sugar Cube Faster~Warm or Cold Water

Documenting Observations of Salt Crystals After the Water Evaporation Process

Our Visit to the Philadelphia Art Museum

Hip Hop Highlights

Hip Hop

Star Student of the Week~ Sinjin Spellmeyer

Big image

Making Silly Putty~ Thanks Spellmeyer Family!