The Elizabethan Era

What was the Elizabethan era?

The Elizabethan era was when Queen Elizabeth was in control of England between 1558 1603. During this time England was suffering from growing pains in the way of poverty and corruption. Aswell as being ravaged by a plague.

In this darkness there was one light which was the dramatic arts

What was happening in the Elizabethan Era?

Queen Elizabeth had a great love for theatre and acting. This love made her very interested in plays which in turn made the civilians very interested in plays. Thus the play industry was booming

Problems of the Elizabethan Era

During the Elizabethan Era the population grew 400% leaving many people homless or if not very crowded.


During the Elizabethan Era the monarch was in search of valuable trade routes. While all this was happening Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the world.

Advancements in Technology

While Queen Elizabeth was in power several major advancements occured in the world or science and technology. such as:

- Johannes gutenberg invented the printing press

- Shakespear basically reinvented theatre

Elizabethan Food

Given the mass poverty and over population aswell as the plague meals often consisted of basic stews
Meat was for the rich

Cabbage was often the meal of peasants