Quentin's life story.

I love Chicago!

learning styles

i like biology,PE,and history class.

my cultural background.

My dads side of the family is from Chicago,IL
and my moms side of the family is from Beulah,MI.

My Bucket List.

things i want to do before i die.

I want to meet derrick rose, i want to beat up justin bieber, i want to party with rappers such as: Drake,hbk,Lil boosie,and yg. I also want to buy a dodge challenger and play basketball with Kobe Bryant,and the last thing is become best friends with Michael Jordan.

What im Good at.

Im good at basketball, rapping, football, and im also good at dressing.

something you should know about me.

Derrick Rose is my favorite point gaurd.

Something unique about me.

I have an uncle that fought Muhammad Ali.His name is Ronald Terrell.My uncle called Muhammad Ali Cassius clay and he slapped him at the weigh in.

My favorite food is chicken.

Every restaurant i go to i get something that's chicken. Chicken sandwiches, and chicken tenders,and just chicken.Chicken is good.