by:heisell && lidia

just things to learn

Beyonce was born in September 1981, shes an american singer and song write, record... and also an actress. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas.


Many people believe that beyonce was or is in the Illuminati, because she FAKED her pregnancy.... and because she also has like eye changes when she had an interview and that her songs has like Illuminati messages in them or some thing like that, and that she's actually like 43 or something like that. "The majority of people who are online searching for info about Beyonce and the Illuminati are not completely well-informed as to who or what the “Illuminati” actually is. This is because many of the outlets and people disseminating information about the “Illuminati” are only giving out bits and pieces of information that fit into their own agendas."

fake pregnancy

Beyonce didn't wanted to messed up her body and that she faked her pregnancy and that jay-z did something and that his sperm cell went into her body and that they payed her a lot of money so beyonce can have her baby


beyonce calls out her hater because their saying that she was or is in the Illuminati.