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The Benefits Of Earthing Can be Pretty Amazing


It is a warm evening; you are walking barefoot on the beach. You can't just let go of the tingling touch and as a result, you find yourself walking miles without even realizing that you are vigorously exercising. Later that day you feel good, and your body just seems to function properly. In your thoughts, it's all about having a good time. Well, it's not. It's all about earthing.

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Walking barefoot on Earth connects your body directly to the earth. What does this mean? Simple, you get the free radicals from the electron-enriched earth. The bad news is that earthing is not something you might consider a daily routine, why? You might not have time to do this plus making contact with the earth is not something modern man and woman are used to.

The good news is that we now have several types of earthing mats on the market that you can choose from and according to studies, earthing mats have made earthing popular, why? They are cheap and most importantly, an effective way of connecting with the earth. To get a clear understanding what earthing mat means to your daily life, here is a brief overview of what makes it a necessity.

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It is simply a mat. Just like a Yoga mat, you place it on the ground then place both your feet on it. What makes it unique is that it is specifically designed to provide an effective grounding experience that comes with several health benefits.

According to research findings, earthing is among the best remedies for dealing with several health complications that includes sleep apnea, joint pains, stress and more. Nothing does this best than earthing mats, why? You don't have to step outside to get the experience. You can do it while working on your computer or even watching a movie on your television.

You can also put it anywhere. That include, your bedroom, sitting room or even your dining room. What you are required to do is, take off your shoes and place your bare feet on the mat. Here is a brief description of how earthing mat works.


Just like an electric plug connecting a television to a power supply, earthing mats works best in connecting your body with the earth. Earth contains electrons that your body needs to function properly, and the only way to achieve this is to step outside, walk barefoot on the grass or anything you consider an earth surface. Walking barefoot on wet, cold or even warm ground might not be pleasing to many making earthing mat a better option.

Earth contains electrons that are proven to contain antioxidant effects meant to protect your body from inflammation. By stepping on the earthing mat, you freely receive both the positive and the negative electrons directly from the earth that is vital for your body functionality and also acts as the best remedy for several health complications. To appreciate the benefits that come with grounding mats, here are some of the reasons earthing is important.



Better sleep is vital to your health. There are several ways of making your sleep better, but earthing is proven to do this better. Earthing during sleep is proven to affect changes in circadian secretion levels that are known to work best in improving sleep patterns, relieving stress and lastly, pain. So, if you can't get quality sleep, fond of breeding stress or even your work makes you too anxious, earthing might change this and make your sleep better and as a result, lead a healthier life.
What is Earthing?

Earthing Mat


In some cases, you might be caught up in a situation where an injury takes longer than usual making your life a living hell. You have to live your life depending on painkillers. Several studies revealed that Earthing improves immune response to injury. By simply placing an earthing mat under your bare feet, you improve your immune response to injury, meaning that your body will heal faster despite the intensity of the injury.


Inflammation is among the body complications that will make you suffer as a result of pain. You can reduce its effects by simply taking some painkillers, but why not try something natural? Studies show that you can simply do away with inflammation by earthing or using an earthing mat. Earthing reduces inflammation by lowering the levels of excess electrons in the body that are known to stimulate inflammation


  • Reduces snoring
  • Vital for adrenal health
  • Relieves headaches
  • Improves blood flow that is also important for proper body functioning.
  • Shortens recovery time and more.


Of course not. To get the best out of earthing, you need something that appears to be more convenient and since there are more than enough mats to choose from, you will need to spare some time in order to come up with the right choice. Here are some of the few tips on choosing the best earthing mat.

  • Ensure that the mat is wide and long enough to cover your floor.
  • You will also need to check for the cord length (three prong outlet) - Ensure they are long enough for flexible location.
  • Ensure it is easier to clean since you will be stepping on it most of the time.

In summary, earthing mats is the easiest, the cheapest and the most effective way of ensuring that your body functions properly. It is simply a mat that you place under your feet. You don't have to do any exercise, or take any medicine.

What you need to do is relax, make it a routine and note the results. Health experts recommend it, users find its results quite astounding, and studies prove it works, why not give it a benefit of the doubt? Earthing is the safest way in dealing with health complications.

Difficulty Sleeping? EMF Exposure May Be the Cause

Difficulty sleeping has become an alarming problem in today's world. EMF exposure--electromagnetic fields coming out of all our electrical and wireless gadgets--might be one of the leading causes.

In March 2011, the National Sleep Foundation published survey results, revealing that 43% of people between the ages of 13-64 report that they rarely or never feel they get enough restful sleep, especially during the week. People in the US now sleep an average of only 6.7 hours, as opposed to 7-8 hours reported in the past. And there are growing numbers of people who sleep under 6 hours at night.

Reasons for Sleep Difficulty

Researchers are hazarding a guess that stress and worry over the economy probably play an important part in contributing to people's inability to get enough sleep at night. This is no surprise--whom do we know who isn't at least a tiny bit worried about what's happening with the economy?

They also note that in just over a decade, society has become more and more around-the-clock. With the advent of the internet, computers, and cell phones, society is in motion 24/7.

We can now be awake at any hour and get work done-or engage with the numerous entertainment gadgets we have to pass the time. If we can't fall asleep anyway--why not get up and get some work done, or have a little fun to distract ourselves?

Perhaps the Most Important Reason for Sleeplessness

Well, there's the rub. When we can't sleep and decide to go onto our computers or smart phones, or play a video game--we are simply compounding the problem.

The poll showed that 95% of people surveyed said they played video games, watched TV or used smart phones or laptop computers in the hour before going to bed. Hmmm...interesting. For about a decade, researchers have been correlating EMF exposure with a number of symptoms and illnesses-including, very importantly, sleep deprivation.

In other words, all of our wonderful gadgets are not only very unfriendly to our bodies--they may also be keeping us awake at night, as well.

How Do EMFs Cause Sleep Difficulty?

So exactly how do our conveniences cause us sleep difficulty? Two ways. First: EMF exposure from manmade devices have a higher rate of oscillation (vibrate at a higher number of cycles) than the natural electromagnetic fields of our body at rest. (Yes, we have EMFs in our body--natural ones that are very different from the man-made kind.)

The electrical current in our home in the US is 60 Hz (cycles per second). In contrast, the ideal frequency in our brain in sleep drops to as low as 2 Hz. This discrepancy can prevent us from falling asleep or from staying in deep sleep. Somehow, our brain keeps trying to entrain itself to the frequency in the electricity, and this keeps us awake.

But this is just the electricity in our homes and the usual appliances that are plugged in the wall. Our wireless gadgets emit a truly hazardous kind of EMF--microwave radiation--that oscillates at a much higher frequency. This can really keep us awake.

A second way EMFs cause sleep difficulty: Among other things, EMF exposure has a negative impact on the production of melatonin in our body. Melatonin, a hormone produced by our pineal gland, regulates our circadian rhythm and helps us to sleep. EMFs hinder the production of this hormone and also impact our cells so that they can't take in the Melatonin that is produced.

What can we do about this EMF exposure?

So, if we want to get a good night's sleep, spending the last hour before we go to bed staring into our computer screen, speaking on our cell phone, or playing a video game doesn't sound like a good idea. Well, so we opt to read that last hour before bed.

Then what about our clock radio that sits on our bedside table within a foot or two from our head all night long? Or our cell phone? What about our electric blanket cozily keeping us warm? Or our oh-so-convenient Wi-Fi happily humming along, sending out its hazardous cloud of EMFs to all in our home throughout the night?

Yes, according to an increasing number of studies, having all these wonderful modern-day conveniences near the bed while we sleep are also likely causing more than some of our sleep difficulty.

So now, to prevent difficulty sleeping, we can't use any of our fun toys for an hour before bedtime--and we're also supposed to sleep without a clock or phone near our bed? Who in this day and age can do that?!

Protection Against EMF Exposure

Actually, none of these restrictions is necessary. You can have all of your conveniences and gadgets--and also sleep well. You just need to find protection from the EMF exposure you're subjecting yourself to. There is a burgeoning market out there of EMF protection products. Check them out--but be discerning.