By: Brianna McKay Reviewed by: Alora

What Do Photographers Do?

A photographer is a person who uses their creativity and skill to take pictures of memories that tell a story and/or mark an event.

What Experience, Skill, and Education do you need? What branch does this job fall under?

What Do you need? Associate,Bachelor,Masters? Where does this fall under? Biology, Chemistry,Geology, Meteorologic?

For skills you need to know how to handle a camera and also to have some creativity for poses. For schooling you need High school diploma and equivalent. This job would fall under Biology Because it deals with human beings.

Why did you choose this event and what did you find interesting about it?

I chose this event because I like Working with cameras and taking pictures of special memories and/or a special event. I found this interesting Because I think working with people who are happy because they are getting a picture taken of their wedding or a baby getting his/her first picture. Also the types of cameras they use or interesting to me how and what the cameras do.