what is engineering


Engineering involves different types of science technology and math. You use machines to make models, structures, designs, engines, or buildings.

some things engineers test


Me: What type of engineer are you?

Dad: I am a mechanical engineer.

Me: Why did you become an engineer?

Dad: I became a engineer because i loved working with math and science and i loved creating things and working with technology. I also was not good at grammar or spelling.

Me: Why do you think engineering is important?

Dad: I think engineering is important because it finds solutions to problems to improve the quality of life and create a safer environment for people to live in.

Me: What do you think would happen if we didn't have engineers?

Dad: Life would be like it was in the 1700's. There would be no cures for diseases because there wouldn't be the equipment that we use to cure them, and many people would die because of our environment. We wouldn't have technology and it would take days to deliver messages.

Me: last question. do you think that you know everything you need to know or do you learn something everyday? If so give an example.

Dad: I learn new things everyday. The other day I learned about how to filter e coli bacteria.

what would happen if we din't have engineers?

Without engineers there would be no buildings, no models, no ideas, no cars, no light bulbs, or the lightning rod, ect. The world that we live in right now wouldn't be the same. It would be boring.