All about me

Eloise Brandt


I love going outside and being in the wilderness. During the summer I go to a summer camp called Camp Manito-wish in northern Wisconsin it is a wilderness camp and I've been going to camp there for three years. I love to go outside. Nature means so much to me and I hate technology after all the trips around the world I've been on I wish every body could see the famous monuments, gardens, and lots of other stuff I saw I hope you all understand one day that the wilderness is not just outside it is a lot more than that.


My main sport is skiing (cross country or downhill I prefer both) I love to ski I have been skiing since I was three years old cross country and downhill but skiing is a winter sport only unless you go to Colorado, Alaska and so on but I would rather not fly there so every winter is special to me. In the spring I do swimming. Summer I run.

Some of my best friends


My music history

My dad is a musician and he has a band, he plays lots of instruments so I have grown up playing lots of instruments currently l am playing piano, fiddle, and flute, I am still working on guitar and the accordion. I love music and it is something I enjoy a lot. My main instruments are piano and fiddle I've been playing them both for five years and I enjoy them the most.

The places I've been

I have been many places around the world like Japan, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Croatia, Denmark, Italy, England, Austria, Australia, more than 19 U.S states and three Canadian provinces. I love to travel.

My favorite books


I speak four languages: Norwegian, Japanese, French, and English

Facts about me

- I have two brothers

- I was born on April 28,2004

- I hate candy and pizza

- l HATE technology