World War II

Inside Texas Walls

Just the beginning

December 7, 1941 was the date Japanese aircrafts attacked a major U.S. naval base in Pearl Harbor. The U.S. was outraged. They killed 21 U.S ships, destroyed 188 aircrafts and killed 2,403 americans. On December 8,1941, the United States joined World War II. Everyone who was able to fight, fought. Men, women, everyone. This was the day the U.S. (and Texas) pulled together as one and fought hand in hand.

What was World War II (Part 2)

World War II was a time of great loss. To put it briefly, Germany (many ran by Adolf Hitler), decided to try and conquer the world. Germany also had Italy and Japan on their side. Great Britain and France declared war on them when Hitler invaded Poland, and the second World War began. Six grueling years of pain and loss where to come. No one knew what was ahead of them.

One day, Germany got Japan to bomb Pearl Harbor, that's when the United States decided enough was enough and declared war on the Axis Powers (Germany, Japan and Italy.

World War II in Texas

World War II changed the face of the lone star state forever (in a good way). It altered the status of women and minorities, the whole state came together to show that everyone was equal, not one person was better than the rest. Texas really step up as the United states' backboard. In Texas, 1.2 millions troops were trained in its bases, hosted 175 major military installations and changed for the better. In fact, Texas made up 7% of American forces during WWII.
World War II on the Texas Home Front

Important People

As the war continued, two very important people showed up; Oveta Culp Hobby, commander of Women's Army Corps, and Dwight Eisenhower,supreme allied commander in Europe. They both contributed so much to the United States (during the war).

The Affect

In the end, Texas emerged from the war like a hero. Texas was completely urbanized and had a strong, diverse group of people standing with it. Before the was, women and minorities couldn't even look for a good job until the war. They filled in all the gaps and worked their tails off at high paying, high skilled jobs. It's remarkable how because of one war, one state pushed all the negativities away and just worked as one. If the whole world could pull this off, we could possibly looking at the greatest technology, medicines and friendships there could be.

Fun Facts

  • The second world war was the most widespread and deadliest war in history
  • World War II involved more than 30 countries and more than 50 million deaths (military and civilian)
  • The war lasted six deadly years until 1945 when the allied powers defeat both Germany and Japan
  • Before the United states entered the war, Hitler already conquered 1/3 of Europe
  • After the war, many blacks and hispanics returned willing to fight to end discrimination

Why I chose WWII

  1. I chose to do my project on world war two because it has always interested me for as long as I could remember.
  2. I also chose this project because i wanted to know how Texas was involved in the was. (before the project) I didn't even know if Texas even cared for the war, but i realized texas was the United States' back bone. it was always there