North Carolina

Come have a great life in North Carolina


North Carolina is a southern colony that was one part of a bigger colony called Carolina but was separated into North and South Carolina. Also, this colony was originally founded by Virginia colonists.


Men wear linen shirts, breeches and a vest called a waistcoat. Little children of both genders wear gowns but when boys get a little older they start wearing breeches. When girls get older they start wearing more elaborate gowns that suit their age.

Educational System

Boys and girls in the colony go to elementary school together where they learn basic skills like math, reading and writing. While boys further their education girls stay home and learn skills that a housewife needs like knitting, cooking, and cleaning. Boys go to something called grammer schools where they learned Latin, rhetoric, and advanced arithmetic. These subjects are to prepare them for college and taking over their fathers' trade and businesses.