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April 2016

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1st Grade Research

First graders begin research on Colonial Times. The focus was on communication, transportation and recreation during that time period. The Guided Inquiry Design was utilized for this research. In April, they completed the Open, Immerse and Explore stages.

For the Open and Immerse stage we read aloud and discussed the book "Hornbooks and Inkwells". The concept of timelines was introduced then each student created their own personal timeline.

For the Immerse stage, the students scanned QR codes that took them to Discovery Education Boards that were created about each first grade teacher's own experience with communication, recreation and transportation when they were first graders.

In May, the students will complete the Gather stage and share what they learned with their peers.

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Kinder Jobs Research

Kindergartners did research on jobs in the community. The Guided Inquiry Design was also used for their research. For the Explore stage. we read aloud a series of books titled "Mystery Helpers". They loved being detectives and trying to figure out who the community helper was by just seeing the tools that helper used.

For the Gather stage, the students chose two jobs they were interested in learning about. The database PebbleGo was used to locate their information and the students took notes on their two choices of jobs.

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Nonfiction Text Features

Second grade is becoming experts in nonfiction text features!

This was a reinforcement of what they're learning in the classrooms. We studied text features one week in the library and the following week they participated in a nonfiction text feature scavenger hunt. They were given a list of text features and had to locate them in a book, take a photo of that text feature using the iPads and show it to an adult to get it checked off their list. They were so excited about this lesson!

Makerspace Club

Our club members had a wide variety of activities this month. At one meeting, they could either use Lego kits or tumbledown dominoes. At the next meeting, they created Star Wars themed origami for the upcoming "May the Fourth Be With You".

Library Information

  • 1,184 total items were checked out
  • Check outs by grade level PK-68, K-208,1st-279, 2nd-142, 3rd-50, 4th-183, 5th-195, staff-59
  • 306 individual walk ins
  • 58 lessons were taught. Lessons were taught on nonfiction text features, research on communication, recreation and transportation during Colonial times, research on jobs in the community.
  • 19 5th grade enrichment classes were held in the library.
  • 22 classes came in for check out only
  • Schlitterbahn tickets earned for completing Waves of Reading were handed out to the students.
  • The Six Flags Reading Challenge tickets will be sent home with the student's report cards.
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Upcoming Events

  • May 13th-4th Grade School Battle of the Books
  • May 23rd-4th Grade District Battle of the Books, Wetmore Elementary
  • May 24th-Kinder Alphabet Fair
  • May 27th-3rd Grade Battle of the Books
  • 4th Grade Research

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