Education Issues for Malawian Girls

Education Issues for girls in Malawi, Africa

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Marriage Issues

Alexander Marré

In Malawi, girls are not getting a good education. One of the things standing in its way is marriage.

According to, one in every seven girls in Malawi drop out early because of marriage. That is a LOT of girls. Most of this is because of being influenced into marriage, and families needing to benefit from bride price if they’re corrupt. (CAN YOU EXPLAIN THIS?) But with the passing of the marriage bill in 2015 by the Malawian Parliament, they can now finally go through school and get an education. The law also allows girls to marry (at 18) without consent of parent. This is good because half of the girls in Malawi are married by their eighteenth birthday.

The problem of girls not getting a good education is going to be pretty rough. (IS GOING TO BE ROUGH, OR IS ROUGH?)

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It’s a big issue for Malawi because isn’t going to get any better. (THIS IS NOT CLEAR - PROOFREAD)

If the girls aren’t getting a good enough education, there will not be enough teachers for the future and the education will get worse and worse. This will lead to an atrocious economy for Malawi, along with their corrupt government which isn’t going to get any less corrupt if education continues. (WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY? THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.)

This (WHAT IS 'THIS'?)is not going to have a good outcome for Malawi.

Families are choosing boys over girls to go to school.

Gender equality is a big factor in girls not going to school and not getting the right education. Families usually only have enough money to send one child to school. Most families send boys to school because it is said that the boys are going to be the ones that when they have a family, they will provide money for the family and that girls will just cook the food and look after the kids.

This kind of misogyny needs to end because if the education isn’t good enough they are just going to be sitting at home because they don’t have an education and will find no work.

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A help and a way to end this lack of education. A second chance.

Despite these huge issues, there is hope. In Malawi they are working in two districts of Balaka, one of the cities, to help get better education. The sega school is working to help get education for girls, but it’s a boarding school so they have to send them there. The upside is it’s free. It targets very poor families with bright girls looking to work hard and be determined to make the community in Malawi better. Sadly they cannot take all of the girls without a good education. It is sad, but it is the most they can do. You can help to. Donate to the Sega girls school in the link below, and watch the video at the bottom. Thank you.

The Sega Girls School 2012 - giving vulnerable Tanzanian girls belief in themselves


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