Cycle run now available!


Cycle Run

Cycle run is a fun addictive able for downloading. It is both a coin collecting game and a shooting game with challenging enemies and a fun environment to play in. In the game you play as the Cycle and you have to shoot all the enemies and destroy the factory spawning them. This is a great free pass time game which you can pick up at any time.

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Now Free!

About the Game

You are in the world of Kodus. Monsters are attacking there land. You have to fight off the monsters as the Cycle and destroy there factory spawning them. But to get there you have to get past a bunch of enemies. It is very challenging but the Kodus are there to give you advice. Blow up the factory to win the game.

Cycle Run is guaranteed to be awsome!

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Cycle Run opening

Wednesday, April 17th 2013 at 9pm

Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

Whitley Bay, England