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CSA Newsletter | Volume 35 | January – 2016

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About Catalysts for Social Action

AFFECXN (Read: AFFECTION), is a Newsletter published by Catalysts for Social Action (CSA). Established in September 2002, Catalysts for Social Action (CSA) is a Not-For-Profit organization dedicated to the cause of child welfare and rehabilitation for children living in orphanages.

Catalysts for Social Action (CSA) is a Not-For-Profit organisation dedicated to the cause of child welfare and rehabilitation. We partner with a number of child care institutions (CCIs) / orphanages to improve the lives of orphaned children.

We partner with 60+ agencies (adoption agencies and child care institutions/orphanages) across the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh. Around 3200+ children benefit through our interventions.

In the area of enabling holistic child care, we support a number of child care institutions in the areas of Health & Hygiene, Nutrition, Education, Vocational skills, Infrastructure support and Recreation activities. CSA not only cares but also goes beyond, thus, enabling children to be self-sufficient and become contributing members of society.

As part of optimal child rehabilitation, CSA facilitates Adoptions in the country; we work with existing adoption agencies in rural areas to facilitate the quality, speed and number of adoptions in India. We have successfully facilitated over 240+ adoptions in India, so far. We believe that Adoption is the best form of child rehabilitation. Our intention is to ensure that every adoptable child should find a home.

Did You Know About Adoption Guideline Changes In India! Read On...

Changes in Adoption Guidelines in 2015

1) Under the new guidelines, an e-governance measure that will hasten the adoption process, and make it transparent by putting up the data of the adoptive children online, has been brought up.

2) The Central Adoption Resource Information Guidance System (CARINGS), a centralised system that collates the data, will be connected to the district child protection units.

3) NRIs will be treated on par with domestic adoptive parents

4) A child of below five years, will be given up for adoption 60 days after being cleared for adoption

5) A child of above five years, will be given up for adoption 30 days after clearance

6) The new guidelines have also made it possible for single parents to adopt.

7) While single mothers can adopt children of either gender, single men can only adopt male children.

8) The minimum age difference between child and parent cannot exceed 25 years under the new guidelines.

Become a Catalyst with us!

We have a long way to go before we can truly say that sustainable, value based care and support is being provided to children in adoption agencies and orphanages.

CSA believes in the highest standards of governance and transparency and will share project specific information with you.

We invite you to support our cause in the form of individual or corporate donations / sponsorships. Kindly get in touch with us for further information on donation options available.

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