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Third Grade news for the month of September

Math News

We just completed our study of Place Value and will move on to problem solving skills next. We will spend time on two and three-digit addition with and without regrouping AND two and three-digit subtraction with and without regrouping. We will review rounding to the nearest 10 or 100 in order to learn how to estimate sums and differences. All these skills combine as students are learning to make sense of word problems. We began our work with word problems the second day of school through our daily warm-up (the "ADD"), so your child will have several ways to solve problems. Flexibility of mathematical thought and problem solving skills is the goal.

Students began fluency this week with a review of mixed addition facts. We will continue working on building the memorization of mixed + facts over the next few weeks. Weekly timed tests will be done, but your child should be studying math addition facts at home two or three times a week. Flashcards, tablet apps, or online timed games are a good way to review. Remember that Fluency requires your child to recall facts FAST.

Science News

We are learning a little about what it means to be a scientist. Since children are naturally curious, it is an easy sell to show that we are all scientists in our own way. We are eager to begin lab activities in the science lab, so if you are interested in helping out by setting up and taking down lab activities for me, please let Mrs. Hughes know.

English/Language Arts

Reading: We will emphasize readers building good habits as well as our district Reader's Workshop model. This entails reading with a group, partnerships, and most importantly, independent reading time. We ask that parents continue monitoring the Reading Logs nightly. Practicing reading independently is the most important aspect of becoming a successful learner in all subjects. Thanks for all you do!

LA/Spelling: We will start with the basics in spelling...vowels and vowel sounds. Writing will also be in the foundation stages. We are learning aspects of the district Writer's Workshop model. This involves independent writing, whole group writing, peer editing, and sharing with others. In Grammar we will be dissecting the basic parts of a sentence.

Social Studies

SS: We will focus on building citizenship skills. Within that, the Grandparent's Day project will highlight their loved one as a positive citizen in their community. The project will be done mostly during class time (other than the family tree and interview).

Important Dates


6 Greens Prairie Family Picnic (6-8 p.m.)

20 3rd grade Grandparent’s Day Celebration 1:15 p.m.

25 District Early Release Day 12:45

August/September Birthday Celebrations (time TBD)

Sing-a-long (time TBA)

27 3rd grade field trip to Blue Bell

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