5th Grade Library News

What has been going on with 5th grade in the library?

More research...and a little poetry

5th graders are continuing to amaze as they learn more tricks of the trade to research and analyze information. We have reviewed various levels of inquiry questions. We have also been working extensively to research various aspects of the American continents...first geography, then early peoples, and lately, explorers. Students have not been able to find all of the information they need in databases, which has meant going to search engines such as Google--and analyzing what they find to make sure it's "good" information. (Does it appear to be reliable? Credible? What are clues to let us know?) We use various clues to help us decide reliability and validity...from examining the domain (.edu, and .gov tend to be more reliable), to the address itself (National Geographic, colleges, and historical sites carry more weight than Wikipedia or answers.com). The students are getting good at their detective work...and I was pleased to hear a student the other day insist that he had to look up citation information for his source because he needed to give credit!

Beyond that, we have also been exploring poetry in honor of National Poetry Month. As students have gradually been leading up to their poetry slam, they have been exploring lots of different kinds of poetry, from traditional forms to free form to music to beat poetry.

Got Any Apps to Share?

If students have any educational apps they would like to share, let me know! Here are some educational apps that students will love.

Vocabulary/Spelling City...Math vs. Zombies...PBS Kids Play... BrainPop... PebbleGo... Vocabla...Rush Hour... Cut the Rope...Toontastic... Bluster...Scribblenauts... Duolingo

There are sooo many more than I can possibly mention here. My own kids have played Scribblenauts on their Nintendo DS devices for years. Both kids are now learning French on Duolingo. The apps/sites I listed here are just to give you a taste of what is out there. You can also Google "best apps for [name your device]" to find more. Commonsensemedia.org is one site where I found some of these apps.