January Monthly Newsletter

Editors: Redd Sagers and Lexi McCarty

Spelling Bee

Credit to Holly

At the spelling bee, the kids were stressed, but worked hard. In the first round, 1/3 of the students spelled a word wrong. Things slowed down a bit after the first round. The audience had a hard time sitting still and being quiet for over an hour. Around the 11th round, it was down to the last five students. It was several rounds before any of them got out. When it was down to Delaney Bogan and Preston Greer, the drama really started. Delaney misspelled a word and went out. Everyone thought it was over for Delaney, but Preston misspelled the final word. Delaney went back in because Preston misspelled the word. Preston went out on a word, but got back in because the word was mispronounced. At last, Delaney won once and for all. She will represent Nance at the District Spelling Bee and Preston will be her alternate. The Spelling tournament isn't quite over yet.

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Winner: Delaney Bogan

Runner-up: Preston Greer

15 Poems By Students

Credit to Hayden


Fun Game

Throw the Ball

It's a chaotic game


Credit to Amaya

Mrs. Degnan
Friendly, Caring
Teaching, Laughing, Working
Helps you when you need it

Credit to Presley

Nice, Fun
Laughing, Smiling, Joking
A great and nice person

Credit to Cayla

Caring, Helpful
Honest, Grateful, Peaceful
A girl when you need her

Credit to Ivan

Soft, Relaxing
Silent, Squishy, Still
A place to rest when you need it

Credit to Redd

Varibles, Objects
Arrays, Loops, Binary
Lots of typing

Credit to Lexi


Playful, Funny

Fetching, Playing, Running

Cute, Cuddly...Useless ,Boring

Walking, Climbing, Jumping

No Use, Unnecessary


Credit to Jacob


Proud, Powerful

Muscles, Quiet, Steath

Big, Mane...Fluffy, Running

Sqeaking, Eating, Digging

Quiet, Leaping


Credit to Colten


Fierce, Strong

Crawling, Biting, Eating

Mean, Scary...Fluffy, Soft

Playing, Catching, Digging

Gentle, Energetic


Credit to Amaya

Mrs. Spring
Loving, Caring, Working
Helping, Teaching
She is there for you

Credit to Evie


Funny, Friendly

Playing, Talking, Reading

She is a good friend


Credit to Arden

Kind, Funny
Joking, Playing, Laughing
Active, Crazy...Calm, Sweet
Singing, Charming, Friendly
Cheerful, Polite

Credit to Sophia

Fun, Nice,
Dances, Laughs, Shares
Someone to always play with

Credit to Joshua

Fluffy, Active
Barking, Snarling, Fetching
Loud, Fast...Silent, Playful
Meowing, Hissing, Scratching
Grumpy, Lazy

Credit to Evyn

Fluffy, Friendly
Grazing, Running, Jumping
Climbing, Surviving...Eating, Running
Oinking, Jumping, Rolling
Gentle, Smart

Credit to LJ B.


Greasy, Tasty

Yummy, Not Healthy, Cheesey

A Tasty Lunch to Eat


Credit to Presley

Friendly, Funny
Barking, Running, Growling
Paws, Fluffy...Soft, Little
Playing, Scratching, Meowing
Sweet, Playful

Student Read-Aloud

Credit to Sophia and Arden

Sophia and Arden are reading aloud to a group of kindergartners.
Sophia/Arden Read Aloud

Student Essays

Credit to Jacob B.
Leafy branches. Quiet space. Breathes surround me and all I hear is the chirping of a new born bird. My tree is considered the most amazing place in the world because it is super quiet and more comfortable than my bed. From my point of view my tree is so awesome because all of the things I can do when it's quiet. For example I can read my favorite book. Additionally, I love my tree because of how relaxing and comfortable it is. To sum it up, my special place is the most amazing spectacular place in the world to me because it is super quiet and more comfortable than my bed.
Credit to Addison S.
Green grass. Open space. The loud beep when someone scores. People running up and down the field. The soccer field can be considered a very important place to me because of the pressure. Without a doubt, the soccer field is a very special place to me because of the competition. I love fighting for the ball. I love when the ball is in the middle and everybody is trying to get it. I especially like when I'm the goalie and the ball comes toward me. One time my team made it to the championship and won in the last 5 seconds. Additionally, the soccer field is a very important place to me because of the pressure. I like when it is one on two. One time, it was five on one and I made it passed everyone. Everybody has a favorite space. My favorite space is the soccer field because of the pressure and the competition.

Techno Expo

Thursday, Feb. 25th, 6:15-8pm

2301 Texan Drive

Justin, TX

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Battle of the Books

Tuesday, Feb. 9th, 6pm

2301 Texan Drive

Justin, TX

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Interview with Mrs. Chaney

Credit to Sophia Sorensen
WIN 20160125 120341

Weathering, Erosion, and Depostiton

This month we learned a lot about weathering, erosion, and deposition. We learned that weathering is the breaking down of the Earth's surface. We also learned that erosion is when those parts move. For example: when a sand dune is formed by sand being eroded. The last step is deposition. This happens when the particles stop moving. For instance: a delta is formed when the sand stops moving and lands in the water.

Weathering The Cookie

We did an awesome experiment with a cookie! The first thing we did was use a toothpick and break apart the cookie. The tooth pick represented a natural disaster. This process represented weathering. The next thing we did was place an ice cube on top of our broken down cookies. The ice cube represented a glacier. Glacier erosion is a slow process. The next thing we did was squirt water out of a bottle on the cookie. This was supposed to represent rain. This really made a difference because it deepened the holes the holes the toothpick made. After that we used a straw to blow the chunks around. This process is called wind erosion. Over all this was a very attentive and interesting experiment. The cookie is a pretend rock!
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Did You Know?

The tallest person in the United States is Robert Wadlow. When he was 2, he was as tall as a 10 year old!
Did you kno that banging your head against the wall burns 150 calories an hour?
The longest word in the Oxford dictionary is:


Did you know that the biggest tornado seen was 2.6 miles in diameter?
360,000 babies are born everyday.
When hippos are upset, their sweat turns red.
Did you know that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile?
Did you know that in the state of Texas, there is a law that says you cannot put salt on railroad tracks?
Did you know that more people are left handed in Florida?
Did you know that there are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 positions in a Rubik's cube?
The average girl speaks 14,000 words a day.

The average boy speaks 7,000 words a day.

Student Exemplar Work

Credit to Redd
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Credit to Bret
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