October 5, 2020 Principal Message

Jeffreys Grove Magnet Elementary

Dear Jeffreys Grove Families,

As we welcome the month of October I hope you are doing well and finding time to enjoy this beautiful fall weather with your child(ren)! On Tuesday, the Wake County Board of Education approved a plan that will welcome our children back to school for daily instruction in rotations. The list below summarizes the information voted on by our School Board.

Grades Pre-K-3

Week Of

  • October 19th - Virtual
  • October 26th - Cohort 1 In-Person
  • November 2nd - Cohort 2 In-Person
  • November 9th - Cohort 3 In-Person
  • November 16th - All In-Person
  • November 23rd - Virtual
  • November 30th - All In-Person
  • December 7th - All In-Person
  • December 14th - All In-Person
  • December 21st - Winter Break starts

Grades 4th and 5th

Week Of

  • October 19th - Virtual
  • October 26th - Virtual
  • November 2nd - Virtual
  • November 9th - Virtual
  • November 16th - Cohort 1 - In-Person
  • November 23rd - Virtual
  • November 30th - Cohort 2 - In-Person
  • December 7th - Cohort 3 - In-Person
  • December 14th - Cohort 1 - In-Person
  • December 21st - Winter Break starts

Students who attend the Virtual Academy will remain in the Academy through the end of the first semester. Those who registered for the entire school year may remain, unless they opt for in-person instruction for the second semester. Second semester registration information is upcoming and will be shared with families mid-to-late October.

During the rotation period, students will be in school one week and learning remotely for two. Parents will receive information (via email) from Jeffreys Grove on October 7 regarding which schedule their child will be assigned.

Returning to School

You can read more about how we are preparing for a safe return to school in our Return to Campus for Families Guide.

Health and Safety of Students and Staff

This summer, WCPSS began working with the ABC Science Collaborative, which pairs scientists and physicians with school and community leaders to help understand the most current and relevant information about COVID-19. The group emphasized that compliance with health guidance among students and staff will be the most important factor in a successful return.

The simple, “three W” rules remain the same for all students and staff:

· Wear a face covering at all times.

· Wash your hands frequently.

· Wait to ensure appropriate social distancing.

Health Guidance and Compliance

We need each person’s willingness to intentionally support the health of our community by being compliant with the 3 W's.

That is the expectation we have for everyone - in the school and outside the school. And, this is a critical component of how we build the confidence of our staff, students, and families that we can safely return to in-person instruction.

Please know that our staff's and your child’s health and safety are and always will be our foremost consideration. Together, we can make our return to school safe and successful.


Juli Ventura

Community Resources - Recursos de la Comunidad

-Pandemic Electronic Benefits Program (P-EBT) Extended

-El Programa Pandemia-EBT (P-EBT) Extendida

-Wake County Food Resources: Meal sites for children are open across Wake County to serve meals to students daily. Other food resources such as mobile food markets, food pantries and emergency food boxes are available to serve families through curbside delivery. Food safety measures are being followed, and ID is not required to access any of these services.
-Wake County Recursos Alimentarios: Los sitios de comidas para niños están abiertos en todo el condado de Wake para servir comidas a los estudiantes todos los días. Otros recursos alimentarios, como mercados móviles de alimentos, despensas de alimentos y cajas de alimentos de emergencia, están disponibles para servir a las familias a través de la entrega en la acera. Se están siguiendo las medidas de seguridad alimentaria y no se requiere identificación para acceder a ninguno de estos servicios.

Results from the JG Remote Learning Check-In Survey

We want to thank our families for participating in the Parent Survey. The survey collected 422 responses from September 22-29.

Below is the participation breakdown by grade level and program:

Kindergarten- 100%

1st Grade- 88%

2nd Grade-73%

3rd Grade- 84%

4th Grade-70%

5th Grade-52%

Spanish Immersion parent participation rate- 90%

Non-Immersion parent participation rate- 72%

Additional survey findings:

  • 99% satisfaction with the amount of communication that is being provided by the school.
  • 97% satisfaction with the amount of communication being provided by your child's teacher.
  • 97.4% satisfaction with the quality of information being provided by your child's teacher.
  • 97% were neutral or pleased with the quantity of students' weekly workload.
  • 84% indicated their child was adjusting to remote learning.
  • 89% indicated their child has formed a positive relationship with their teacher.
  • 5% of participants expressed a desire to be contacted by our Student Support Team (Counselor, Psychologist and Social Worker).

Our staff has received your feedback and has begun to reach out to families for additional information and continued support. As always, do not hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher for assistance. I know you value and support the hard work and dedication of our teachers and staff. Your encouragement, feedback and efforts are key to our continued partnership and strength as a community. Thank you!

Counselor's Corner

Hello JG Families,

October is here! I hope you are taking some time each week to find a balance between work and fun!! 🙂

Have you been dealing with anxiety/worry with your child(ren)? Many families have, you are not alone! Click on my newsletter below to find some resources to help with anxiety in children.

You will also find the character strengths we will focus on this month with the Positivity Project!

Take care and SOAR on Eagles,

Mrs. Jacobs

October 2020 - Counseling Newsletter 1