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You will enjoy the satelite callisto

Winter Water Olympics On Callisto

Its distance from Earth is 390,400,000 miles, the tempature is -279°F, it has an ocean present, its size is 3,000 miles, its day length is 16.7 earth days which is 400.8 hrs, it has no weather, there was black rain in the area they said it was dark and the water seems to be contaminated because of carbon-rich debris. its a galilean moons that galileo discovered and is the second largest moons and is a moon of jupiter. I will be hosting the winter water olympics games in callisto to test the people who will he able to bear the coldness, there will be water basketball, swimming races, water trampolines, boat races, and it ends when there is one person left on callisto. Who will beat the coldness long enough to bring home the gold!