Melanie Clare

Professional Portfolio

Personal Belief Statement

My role as an educator is to facilitate the academic, social and emotional growth of my students by providing them with opportunities that will stimulate their natural curiousity, expand their experiences and build their self-confidence. My responsibility is to guide them in developing the strategies and skills that will enable them to be successful and achieve their goals. My methods include the use of continuous assessment, through which I monitor students’ progress, provide feedback and respond to their needs by being flexible with my lessons, groupings and learning goals. My purpose as a 21st century teacher is to learn from and with my students, and in so doing, help them realize their strengths and recognize that they have an active role to play in their own education. My goal is to strive to consistently establish a positive, engaging, safe and respectful learning environment, and to utilize the professional resources and growth opportunities available to me. My objective is to incorporate the experiences, knowledge and expertise of my colleagues to develop a collaborative approach to addressing the individual needs of my students so that they may achieve their full potential.

Leadership and Collaboration

  • Board Literacy Team
  • Board Numeracy Team
  • Presenter: EOSDN; Visual Arts Workshops for Teachers; Algebra Tiles in the Classroom; Literacy Workshops
  • Summer Curriculum Writing Projects
  • Arts Curriculum Revision Feedback Committee