By Adam and SANTIAGO


Hurricanes form in the southern Atlantic Ocean , Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and eastern Pacific Ocean.

Picture & Diagram


Atlantic Hurricane Season 2005


The Atlantic hurricane season during 2005 began on Wednesday, June 1 and ended on Wednesday, November 30.


The purpose of this presentation is to tell about hurricanes and how they work, and where they happen. Our conclusion is we learn that hurricanes have an interesting way of forming and that the damage that they do is high. Also that many people can suffer a lot from these tropical cyclones.

Questions-Member 1

1.Once the hurricane hit the temperatures got hot/warm during the storm.

2.on the map the hurricane went from about from the 24 to around 28 of September and on the graph it showed that on those days it had a dramatic change on the surface temperature.after the hurricane passed the temperature was tiring to go back to normal but it had trouble getting back to normal. And for a while it was a little over into November it started to get better or back to the normal temperature.

Questions-Member 2

1& long did it take for the SST to return to the previous temperature?

Once it passed it was messed up for a day or two for the temperature.and once it was good for going back to the previous temperature it when through the month trying to get back to soon as it ended the temperature started to go to its original but it was spiking up and down.once it was about to get to normal temperature it started to go down again for I believe the time of year in fall.