Gnomeo and Juliet Vs. Shakespeare

Is the play better than the movie?


  1. The setting in the play Romeo and Juliet is in Verona, Italy, in the movie the setting is on "Verona drive."

  2. Both in the play and the movie the Montague and Capulets have hatred for one another.

  3. Gnomeo and Juliet fall in love instantly when they see each other just like it is shown in the play when Romeo sees Juliet.

  4. Since Juliet and Romeo know they can't be together they go behind their parents back to see one another both in the play and in the movie

  5. When Juliet first meets Paris she knows she doesn't have love for him as she does for Romeo.

The play Vs. The movie

In the play Juliet and Romeo get married but in the movie Gnomeo and Juliet don't get married this is a major difference because I think the movie could of showed how much Gnomeo and Juliet love each other. Friar Laurence plays a big part in the play but in the movie there is no character to represent the Friar. I also think if they added the Friar they maybe could add a marriage seen. The last difference I thought was a major difference was when the movie didn't show the party that Romeo and Juliet meet at. However they did a good scene when they met in the garden.

Film rating

I think this film could have shown more clear connections in the movie. For example they left out the marriage which I thought was the most important piece in the original play. However at the same time the movie could have shown less because it teaches the lesson that communication is important but it has unwanted humor in it that was not needed. The adult humor didn't really have to do anything with the play itself. Characters were very well represented. The only character I think that wasn't the same as showed in play was Juliet. Juliet is more outgoing in the movie then the play. Despite that overall I would say it did give a good representation and I would recommend watching it!

By: Dashiza Jordan Hr. 4th