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September 30, 2020

tech tips for a techie year

We are using a lot of new technology this year. I am creating a variety of resources to support staff and students in their use of iPads, Zoom, and many other instructional technologies.

  1. Tech Tips - I am continually growing this YouTube channel to push out quick tips on how to use instructional technologies. These brief videos address common technology issues that staff and students are facing. I will continually add videos to this channel as issues arise. Please click on the Tech Tips link and subscribe to the channel so you can receive updates when new videos are added.
  2. iPad Tips (Wakelet) - I am gathering heaps of iPad tips on this social bookmarking site. The collection contains videos, as well as helpful websites. This resource is new. I recommend bookmarking it, as it will continue to grow with additional resources.
  3. Remote Learning Tech Support - This site, which is maintained by the Hudson library media department, offers tutorial videos on a variety of relevant topics. These videos are produced in house and directly address the needs of Hudson teachers.
  4. Apple Teacher Learning Center - This site is an extremely valuable resource for improving your proficiency on the iPad. You need to sign in with an Apple ID. It is recommended that you use a personal Apple ID rather than a Hudson one, especially if you plan to master the learning modules and become Apple Teacher Certified.
Google Docs: accessing full browser features on iPad


new electronic resources for 2020

The media center is excited to share some new electronic resources this year. These resources can be found on the library website. Login information can also be found on the library website. These resources are designed to supplement your lessons with high-quality, vetted material.

  1. History Research Center - Contains scholarly articles and multimedia that covers American history, African-American history, American Indian history, Ancient and Medieval history, and modern world history.
  2. American History - Comprehensive resource that spans our nation’s history, with a user-friendly interface and award-winning content.
  3. Today's Science - Bridges the gap between the science taught in class and real-world discoveries - giving in-depth explanations of important advances in biology, chemistry, environmental science, space, physics, and technology.
  4. Newsela - This platform provides a wide variety of articles and assessments that can be customized to meet the readability levels of all of your students. Newsela learns the reading levels of each student and adjusts articles to meet these needs. Newsela plays nicely with Google Classroom. Teachers can highlight passages within articles and prompt students to respond to questions. Here is a link to a Zoom training workshop offered during our opening week in August. Students and staff can sign in with Google.
  5. Gale in Context For Educators - Allows teachers to curate high-quality articles from the Gale databases. Search for articles by content standard. Annotate the articles, generate student responses, push to Google Classroom. Click here to view a video of the features of Gale in Context for Educators. Very powerful stuff. Very high quality resources.
American History Overview Video
Today's Science Overview Video


Video streaming resources

As we push an increasing amount of digital content to students, many teachers are searching for sources that offer high-quality, copyright-friendly videos. Your library media department has been gathering an impressive collection of streaming video resources.

  • Feature Films for Education - This collection offers hundreds of full-length feature films for educational instructional purposes. The collection includes many popular Hollywood films. The titles include 12 Years a Slave, The Crucible, Hidden Figures, the Diary of Anne Frank, the Martian, the Life of Pi, the Shape of Water, as well as many Shakespeare films. The username and password for accessing Feature Films can be found on the Passwords for HHS Databases document on the media center website.
  • Learn360 - This resource offers over 164,000 media resources. You can search through thousands of instructional videos on just about any topic. Learn360 also offers printables, audio files, speeches, maps, images, and interactive games. The username and password for Learn360 is the same as Feature Films.
  • Discovery Education - This resource offers hundreds of educational videos that are searchable by subject and content standard. Hudson students and staff can sign in with Google.
  • INFOhio Digital Video Collection - contains over 3,000 educational videos that are searchable by subject or keyword.
  • PBS Learning Media - Contains many high-quality educational videos and interactive lessons, searchable by subject and grade level.
  • Streaming Guidelines - Found on the media center website, this web page contains all the ins and outs of legally streaming videos in your classroom.

All of these resources can be found on the media center website. See Mr. Robitaille if you have any questions or requests.


many new book titles added to library

This summer I bought a large pile of print and ebooks for our library collection. Many of the new fiction and non-fiction titles encompass themes of diversity and racial justice. I also added dozens of non-fiction titles about current issues and controversies. In addition to the print books, you can find some of these new titles in ebook format on Sora and Gale. Some of the topics included in the issues and controversies books include:

  • Death penalty

  • Identity politics

  • Gender pay gap

  • White nationalists

  • Religious freedom

  • Conspiracy theories

  • Birth control

  • Gun control

  • Assisted suicide

  • Climate change

  • Gender diversity

  • Food chain

  • Reproductive rights

  • Criminal justice reform

  • Black Lives Matter


Google tutorials for Students, Parents, and teachers

I stumbled upon a gold mine of Google tutorials. They demonstrate how to do a gazillion things in Google apps. These tutorials were created by educators from all over the world. Click the links below to see tutorials that are designed for students and parents, as well as teachers.


Did you know that you can access most of your iPad documents from any computer web browser? Simply visit and sign in with your email address. From any PC or Mac you can then access all of your iPad's Notes, Photos, Reminders, and iCloud Drive files. You can even edit Keynotes, Pages, and Numbers directly in your web browser.


A few good resources

Here are some quick recommendations for resources that I use all the time. Add these to your toolbox.

  1. - Quickly convert files from one type to another. I constantly use Zamzar to convert image files, PDFs, audio files, and just about anything else.
  2. RemoveBG - This website magically removes the background from images. It gives your images a transparent background.
  3. PDF Expert - This iPad app can be installed from Self Service. You can mark up existing PDFs with your stylus or create new whiteboard pages to save as PDFs. Syncs with Google Drive.


Virtual media center orientation

This year I produced a video orientation to the media center and to our library resources. The video takes students through media center facilities as well as online resources.
Media center orientation 2020


checking your library account

Teachers are able to check their library account to see what items they are currently borrowing. Here's how:

  1. Click on the iSearch icon on the main library website.
  2. Select My Account in the top-right corner.
  3. For the User ID, type your 7-digit employee ID number.
  4. For the PIN, type your birthday in MMDD format. (Use four digits. Eg., April 9 is 0409.)
  5. Select the Checkouts tab to see your current loans.

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