Amanda Hocking

Setting and Main Characters

Wendy Everly is a 19 year old whose life was built on a lie she is really a princess.She was switched at birth with someone they call a Manks. Finn is put there for Wendys protection he is her body guard. Elora who is her real mother is a queen her fake mother is kim she tried killing Wendy at age 6 and was put in prison. Matt who is wendys fake brother and the manks real brother and maggie Wendys aunt who has been taking care of her. The setting is in a palace in the Trylle kingdom.

About the book


Wendy everly is a 19 year old who always felt she did not fit in with her "family". She soon finds a guy named Finn staring at her (he is her body gaurd) and he baisicly takes her to her real home after she found out she was switched at birth. She is really a princess whose dad or the king "died". Finn has to leave because of queens order then soon after someone trys kidnapping Wendy and he comes running back to her rescue.