Learning Resources

CESA 10 -- Instructional Media Center

Classroom Resources

Your school district is a member of the CESA 10 IMC, which means you have access to a wide variety of instructional and professional development resources to support student and professional learning. You can search the IMC Catalog to find resources for your classroom or contact us for additional help.

Online Resources

You also have access to a variety of online resources through the CESA 10 IMC. These resources can be accessed by you and your students both in and out of school. If you need any assistance with utilizing the online resources, please feel free to contact us or your school library media specialist.

Need help finding what you are looking for?

You are always welcome to contact the CESA 10 IMC staff for help in locating what you need. We are also available to find resources to fit into a unit or topic of study.

In addition, if there are resources you would like to see added to our collection, please feel free to contact Terri Grzyb or Sarah Lipke.

For More Information

To browse or borrow any of the items from the CESA 10 IMC, please login to the library catalog with your username (your school email address) and password (your last name).

An Instructional Media Center Quick Use Guide is also available to help.