Sexual Risk Reduction Program

"Because What is Offensive is Not Necessarily Sex Offender"


Our Prevention is The Intervention™ program assists men struggling with risky sexual behaviors, thoughts, and fantasies that include viewing child pornography, masturbating in public, viewing snuff/rape porn, frotteurism, voyeurism, sexual harassment, obsession. Many have sexual preoccupation and some but not all have had contact with the criminal justice system.

Research shows that sexual preoccupation is the dynamic factor most strongly predictive of sexual re-offending (Marshall & Marshall, 2012). Therefore, we address sexual preoccupation, as well as other factors that are in line with the Risk, Need, Responsivity Principles.

Our sexual risk reduction program is often used at the pre-trial/pre-conviction or pre-sentence phase. It is considered a diversionary option in lieu of traditional Sex Offender Treatment Programs (SOTP) for those that are appropriate.

Our program accurately treats individuals based on their criminal risk level or criminogenic background, which research suggests, is lower for noncontact offenses than that of a contact offender. Our program is not the type of program that is intended to replace SOTP post-conviction. Our program is also beneficial when an offender completes SOTP as aftercare with the focus on risk reduction.

Our groups also support men needing a boundaries class, a sexual harassment course

or other similar requirement from the court.

We Receive Referrals and Treat Clients Nationally

Tele-Conferencing Available!

Sexual Risk Reduction Program

Our Evidence Based CBT program, Prevention is the Intervention™ incorporates a Task Approach with Risk Reduction (incorporating the Good Lives Model), Shame Resiliency, and Healthy Sexuality to create long term changes while reducing recidivism!

Two Prevention Groups Every Friday!

Dates: On-Going on Fridays

Facilitator: Meg Martinez, Clinical Coordinator; Candice Christiansen, Founder

Times: 9:30-11:30 a.m. MST; 4:30-6:30 p.m. MST (video-conferencing available)

Tuition: $45 per group; no refunds for no shows/late cancels

Required Books: Facing the Shadows Workbook by Patrick Carnes (other supplemental reading will be provided)

RSVP:, 801-272-3500; 240-257-6463.