Composting for the Win!

Start a Compost Bin Now!

Start a compost bin to help the environment

Start a compost bin and get high quality planting soil for free! Composting is a very efficient way to garden.

Save the Earth!

Putting all of your garbage in the trash just adds to the landfill. Landfills are very destructive to our environment because they produce methane, which is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming, and they also produce leachate, which goes into the underground water reservoirs and contaminates it. So if you want to help the world, then start a compost that will benefit everyone!

Here is an idea of how compost is made:

How to start a compost bin:

Green and brown elements are needed for a compost bin. Green elements are full of nitrogen, and brown elements are full of carbon. This helps break down the organic matter, and it balances everything out. Some examples of green elements would be kitchen scraps, garden debris, grass clippings, coffee grounds and horse manure. Some examples of brown elements would be fallen leaves, dried stems, sawdust, pine needles and news paper.

Temperature Change

Is your composting bin starting to heat up? Don't worry, the microorganisms in the bin are moving around, which is creating heat. The microorganisms are decomposers which break down the organic matter and turn it into compost. Some examples of decomposers would be millipedes, sow bugs, fungus, and earthworms.

Things to avoid in a compost bin:

Not everything can go in a compost bin. For example: you cannot put meat into it because it will make the process longer and it will attract flies, which will lay eggs and hatch into maggots. Some other examples of things not to put in a compost bin are grease, bones, dairy, pet droppings, oils, diseased plants, fats, and plastics. This will keep your compost bin healthy and running smooth.

Composting will make your garden beautiful!

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Fun facts!

  • Rotating your compost bin will speed up the process.
  • You can use compost in your yard or garden as soil or mulch
  • There are many different ways to compost, so you are probably doing it right :)
  • Adding water will also make the process faster, while keeping the decomposers hydrated