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Choosing the Most Profitable Professional Car Detailing Equipment For Your Business

With most car washes sitting alongside gas stations where they are offered as a free perk, spending more money on the ongoing costs of professional car detailing equipment may not seem like the most logical choice. There are those car washes that literally make billions of dollars every year, even in states where the season for car washes may seem limited.This said, most car washes you see feature automatic machinery that you can just drive through, which isn’t necessarily a bad idea. There are plenty of people who just want to get in, out, and on with their lives. But for those customers who want something else, a certain personal touch, there are other options available in auto detailing equipment.So how do you balance out the costs? Do you have to decide between the cost of human workers and the cost of machinery, or can you have the best of both worlds?

You Can Start With Automatic Professional Car Detailing Equipment

Everybody has to start somewhere, and everything is automated these days including professional car detailing equipment. You may want to start with the equipment that will get more customers in and out in the shortest amount of time for the most money without the ongoing costs of numerous employees to perform car detailing with the right machinery to boot.Depending on the setup of your car wash, you may not want to offer full service auto detailing. Your market may simply not support this kind of model, and that’s okay. It’s all about knowing what you’re working with, and you can go from there. Even if you stick with automatic car detailing equipment though, don’t forget about routine maintenance and upgrades to your equipment to keep up with the times.

Do You Sell Enough To Upgrade To More Personalized Professional Car Detailing Equipment?

Let’s assume that you have always offered low cost professional car detailing equipment services, and every time you do, it’s generally related to gas sold or something else that caters to people in a hurry. Let’s say that you have been getting by, but it hasn’t been particularly profitable. One could find that upgrading to a higher grade of service could make a positive difference. But even if it did, you would most likely to have to wait for that build up. Can you afford to pay the inevitable start up costs in the meantime?Even if you think that you will be able to make up your money in a short period of time, you hope for the best and plan for the worst. Don’t get into anything that you can’t afford to potentially lose.

Will Your Market Support Higher Grade Professional Car Detailing Equipment And Services?

You may want to sell high end services using top grade professional car detailing equipment. When it comes to personalized car detailing instead of just driving through a big car wash, there are people in every area of the world (with cars) that could realistically use it. But will they pay for it?Whenever you sell something, you have to support a need for that service. But there are certain communities and areas in which people simply won’t pay the cost. They won’t see the need, and even if they do, some communities may simply not be able to afford the services.It’s hard for someone to theoretically decide if your community will support this, especially if there haven’t been any businesses that have done it before you. But you should try to run the numbers before making any big decisions.

What Kind of Professional Car Detailing Equipment Do You Want?

Even if you are going to stick to the most basic type of tunnel professional car detailing equipment, there are costs, benefits, and certain downsides that come with it. A conveyor system moves around a car, and it is generally best for cars to smaller trucks and SUVs. You can expect to spend $45,000 to $100,000 up front for this type of service.There are multiple systems available that offer a range of services from the basic wash to waxing, drying, and other services as you may have noticed. This typically requires minimal supervision, and the car is moved along a conveyor belt.A similar system is the roll over system, which most people are used to seeing around gas stations. This requires that you drive in and then put your car in park. The car detailing equipment then works its way around the car. The customer eventually drives their car out, typically with air blowing to dry the car as they go. In this case, only one car can be washed at a time, whereas with a conveyor system, you can get multiple cars, one behind the other.The roll over system has the specific benefit of being easy to erect, and therefore to get going and make profitable.Finally, you can buy a system that would require the user to spray their own cars, dry their own cars, etc with simple hoses. Some customers gravitate toward this type of system, because it is cheap, requiring quarters for time. Its profitability is slow though, and many find it to be outdated just to start.

What Kind of Professional Car Detailing Equipment Should You Choose For Your Business?

There is no one size fits all solution when looking at professional car detailing equipment. We would all prefer that our customer base be willing to pay for the most expensive packages, really get their cars cleaned out well, and make you a millionaire. But there are quite a few factors that go into making that type of decision.There are a variety of options open and available to the car wash business owner, and as with any other business, you need to think about each option carefully. The wrong choice can break your business while the right choice could substantially increase your business’ profitability.The good news is that especially with a well written and researched business plan, more options are open to you as a business owner than ever before. You just need to determine which car detailing equipment best fits your needs.

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