2nd - Reading and Writing Planning

Sept. 14-18 and Sept. 21-25

Reading-TEKS 2.6 B

Compare different versions of the same story in traditional and contemporary folktales with respect to their characters, settings and plot.

Fairy Tales are probably the best genre because there are many that have different versions.

What happened in the old version of this folktale that did not happen in the modern version?

How are the settings different in different author's versions of this folktale?

Writing-TEKS 2.17 A-E, 2.21 A, 2.22 B, C

Personal Narrative, Writing process, understand and use past and present verbs and common and proper nouns correctly in writing, capitalize proper nouns, months, days and weeks, and use ending punctuation correctly in writing.

See Write From the Beginning pages 80-85 for Thinking Maps and modeled lessons.

Social Studies-TEKS 2.13 A, 2.2 A, B

2.13 Citizenship. The student understands characteristics of good citizenship as exemplified by historical figures and other individuals. The student is expected to:

(A) identify characteristics of good citizenship, including truthfulness, justice, equality, respect for oneself and others, responsibility in daily life, and participation in government by educating oneself about the issues, respectfully holding public officials to their word, and voting.

2.2 History. The student understands the concepts of time and chronology. The student is expected to:

(A) describe the order of events by using designations of time periods such as historical and present times;

(B) apply vocabulary related to chronology, including past, present, and future.