School Uniforms

By: Ellysa English


  • Percent of all public and private schools that have a uniform policy 23%
  • New Orleans 95 %

    Cleveland 85 %

    Chicago 80 %

    Boston 65 %

    Miami 60 %

    Cincinnati 50 %

Are School Uniforms a Good or Bad Idea?

Did you know...

  • Students focus more on school if they had school uniforms.
  • The students wouldn't wear inappropriate clothes because they would have uniforms.
  • Schools wouldn't have to have dress code.


  • The cost of uniforms would be about $5-$10 at Wal-Mart or Target
  • Uniforms are not expensive

Uniforms are better for kids...

  • Uniforms are better for kids because it will help them get ready to be a adult and get a job.
  • They will become more responsible

School Uniforms Stores...

  • JcPenney
  • Old Navy
  • Wal-Mart
  • Target