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August 2020

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Crawford's Corner (A letter from the principal)

Crockett Community,

I hope this finds you and your family healthy and safe. I am excited to share some important updates and information regarding our reopening plan for the 20-21 school year. Please review all of the information in this newsletter and complete BOTH surveys that are linked below. We value your voice and feedback regarding how to best serve you and your family in the coming school year. Like many things in this pandemic world, these plans are tentative and subject to change based on new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Texas Education Agency (TEA), the Austin ISD School Board, etc.

On August 7, 2020, the AISD Board of Trustees approved a revised school calendar which reflects students’ first day as September 8, 2020 and the end date has been revised to June 3, 2021 with an additional ten instructional minutes added per day to ensure students receive the required amount of instructional time per Texas Education Agency (TEA). The Austin ISD school calendar begins with four weeks of remote learning. Pending approval from the TEA, there will be an additional four weeks that will serve as a period where students who selected on-campus instruction may return to on-campus learning in phased-in smaller groups. These plans are subject to change based on the guidance of local, state and federal health authorities and the TEA.

One of our goals this year is to integrate student voice in the decisions that are being made on campus and implementing ideas on how we can make Crockett a more successful and safe learning environment for all of our students. We started that work this year with a summer student panel with our leadership team, and now we want your student to vote on the daily virtual learning schedule that they would prefer. Please take time out to vote on our schedule (one vote per student please) and fill out the survey below that will give us valuable information we need to plan for next school year.

Additionally, we will be sending out a virtual orientation soon that will be filled with even more information about what next year will look like and details surrounding community Zoom meetings.

We really do miss seeing our students and staff in person and look forward to the day where we can reunite as an entire school community in our beautiful courtyard. Thank you, in advance, for your patience and flexibility as we work through a school year that will have its challenges yet will also create ways for us to reinvent ourselves as Cougars. We look forward to another year where we remain Always Victorious!

Cougar Pride,

Kori Crawford


Crockett ECHS

TENTATIVE Academic Calendar

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Fall 2020 Learning Stages

STAGE 1: 100% Remote Virtual Instruction

The Superintendent has announced that all instruction for at least the first 4 weeks of the school year will be done remotely. As I mentioned earlier, this could last for up to 8 weeks. Starting on the first day of school (September 8, 2020), students will use the BLEND learning management system in the AISD Portal to access online virtual platform (i.e. Zoom or Google Meets) meetings with their teachers, and for the course assignments and resources. Teachers will post their ZOOM/Google Meets Link into their BLEND courses.

STAGE 2:YOUR STUDENT, YOUR CHOICE - Overview of In-Person Learning OR CONTINUE VIRTUAL LEARNING (Per grading period)

AISD has sent you several surveys in recent weeks, and it is time to decide whether your student will be best served by virtual learning at home this fall or on campus.The earliest that the OPTION for on campus learning is scheduled to begin is October 5th, with a phase in period lasting until October 30th. Please know that on campus learning will be structured around CREWS, where students will remain in a single classroom all day. The rationale for such a model is below. While TEA continues to issue new and changing guidance, impacting our campus decisions, this is our plan for Phase 2 Learning as of today:

  • Students on campus will be strategically assigned to a COVID Response Educational Workgroups (CREWs) in the same classroom with the same teacher each day to limit personal contact and to allow for contact tracing and quarantining, if needed.

  • Students will not change classes; they will remain in the designated classroom participating in synchronous instruction online.

  • On-campus students will continue to participate in the same virtual learning lessons as students participating in learning at home through the BLEND platform.

  • Students must be prepared to engage in online learning by bringing a Chromebook, charger, and headphones to school every day.

  • The teacher in the room is also teaching synchronously according to his/her assigned teaching schedule.

  • On-campus student movement will be restricted and monitored at all times.

  • Health-screenings with temperature checks, social distancing, and masks will be required for all students and all staff.

  • There will be no before-school or after-school meetings, practices, or rehearsals other than those related to authorized UIL activities. Please speak with your child’s director or coach if you have any questions.*Note- students can choose virtual learning at home and still participate in UIL activities before or after school.

  • In the event of a Covid-19 positive person, this allows us to quarantine the 12-13 individuals (for 14 days) rather than a student’s 8 classes full of peers and 8 teachers (potentially 170+ people). This model allows us to build a smaller community group to support students individually during this challenging and uncertain time. Since the Fall, 2020 semester is fraught with so many variables that we cannot control providing safety through limited exposure and daily teacher support is our best option.

  • If you do choose to send your student to campus during this Phase 2 time, you are able to opt out and continue virtual learning at home at any time.

  • Crockett will work with individual families of students who receive 504 and Special Education services or who are Emerging Bilingual to develop the best plan of support- whether they opt to stay at home to complete virtual learning or attend the Crockett CREWS model when it becomes available.

If your child opts to return to in person learning after the initial remote learning period, in addition to the Crockett CREW model, please note the following:

Campus Meals

Breakfast and Lunch will be served in the CREWs classroom. Students may bring their breakfast/snacks/lunches from home as well. Lunch deliveries (From parents/guardians, Grubhub, Favor, etc.) are not allowed. Food service will have lunch items available for students to purchase using their school lunch account monies. Unfortunately, seniors cannot leave campus for lunch as we need to limit outside exposure and do not have the capability to rescreen students arriving back on campus.

Before and After School

Because all students will be screened prior to entry, the inside of Crockett ECHS will not be open until 8:40. Please ensure that your child (unless directed by a UIL Coach or Director) does not come to campus prior to this time.

Likewise, students will need to leave the building immediately following the last bell of the day at 4:40 (unless directed by a UIL Coach or Director). Students need to be off campus by 4:50. Therefore, if your student does not ride the school bus, city bus, or walk/ride their bike home, and you cannot pick up your student during that time, you will need to figure out an alternative pick up location.

We recognize that every family has concerns and circumstances that guide their decisions. Regardless of the decision your family makes, we want to make sure that we work as partners to support your child at Crockett ECHS. We understand that these conditions are less than desirable for our students. Our Crockett teachers will be hard at work over the next several weeks to create virtual lessons that are robust, rigorous and engaging.

Austin Community College (ACC) classes will begin on August 24th

Although the AISD calendar has students starting on September 8, 2020, Crockett students taking ACC classes will begin on August 24th. Please reach out to your counselor, Ms. Capps or Ms. Merrel for more information. See contact information at the bottom of this newsletter.

Remote Virtual Learning Expectations:

During remote virtual learning, Students will remotely attend their classes each day following the 9am-4:40pm regular bell schedule and the 2020-21 A/B calendar. To help students develop positive routines and to promote engagement, there will be some amount of synchronous (live) instruction every class period and some amounts of asynchronous learning (on their own).

In contrast to remote learning last spring, for school year 20-21 students must attend 90% of the days a course is offered (per Texas Education Code (TEC), §25.092), in order to be awarded credit for a course and/or to be promoted to the next grade.

Students will be responsible for completing and submitting work for each class period on each instructional day and will receive grades for their work that will be reflected on progress reports, report cards, and the student’s transcript.

Teachers will provide support in BLEND for students who are unable to attend synchronous instruction due to extenuating circumstances. Even if your child does not attend the synchronous class session, they are still responsible for the content and work assigned either synchronously or asynchronously for that day in BLEND by 11:59pm to receive credit for attending that course on that day. We encourage students to commit to the structure of their daily class schedule and make arrangements to be online at the designed class times to maximize their virtual learning experience.

Technology Concerns

All returning Austin ISD and Crockett ECHS students should have devices (Chromebooks or their own laptops) from last year as well as reliable internet access. Crockett has hotspots to distribute to students who need internet access.

If your Chromebook needs to be repaired, please click this link to view the curbside tech drop off instructions.

Please let us know if you need a device, hotspot or charger in the Crockett Family Survey below in order to be ready to begin instruction on September 8th.


If you need internet Hotspots, please contact Janice Snyder via email at or call her at 512-414-7884 (Office) or 512-827-7413 (Google Cell)

Need a device? Instructions for how to get Chromebooks and chargers:

ALL FAMILIES NEED TO Submit Crockett Family Survey!

In order for Crockett to determine our technology needs and plan accordingly for this school year, it is imperative that all families complete this survey. This survey is so important for every student/family to submit. This will also help us best serve the needs of all of our learners and staff. There is also a place for you to ask us questions. Please take a moment to fill it out and hit submit.

Thank you all so much! We look forward to your input!

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Basic Needs Community Resources for Families

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