Rouge Community College

Home of the Ospreys!

About the School:

  • Located in Grants Pass, Medford and White City, Oregon
  • They offer many programs, such as Early Childhood Development
  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Mens and Womens soccer teams
  • No campus housing
  • The highest degree offered is an associate degree
  • Open admissions

Activities and weather near the school:

  • Its the Climate!
  • Four distinct seasons
  • Located in a valley, surrounded by mountains
  • Rogue river is near (Jet boats, fishing)
  • Wild life Images
  • Vineyards
  • Hometown (Grants Pass)
  • Mall (Medford)


How much will it cost? How will I pay?

  • The cost per Term is usually 5,600 to 13,000 dollars depending on:
  • Where your living,
  • How many classes your taking and how much they cost
  • And other supplies such as books
  • Mine would be near 5,600 because i would be living at home
  • I would be paying for schooling out of my own pocket
  • Plus i am hoping to earn some scholarships

How many people attend? Student-Teacher ratio?

  • Usually around 5,800 people attend
  • The student-Teacher ratio is usually 20-1