Life Group UPDATE

July 26 & 27, 2014

Transformed Preview

TRANSFORMED by Rick Warren Starts Week of Sept. 27/28

"Be not conformed to the world...but be transformed!"

Church wide this Fall, starting the week of September 27/28 for seven weeks!
All of our adult Life Groups will be aligning together this fall for our church wide spiritual growth campaign, Transformed! It's based on materials by pastor Rick Warren with the overall theme of how God wants to transform us (instead of our conforming) in Seven specific areas of life: spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, relational, financial, and vocational. That just about covers every facet where God wants you to "be transformed" according to Romans 12:2.

If you'd like to see Rick Warren's Transformed sermon series he preached it's free online. The sermons are NOT part of the group study, but what he preached each week in early 2014 for his own church to go along with it. It's great supplemental material.

"Transformed" Life Group Leader Rally - Wed., August 20 6:30pm -RSVP

I encourage you to watch the very short TRANSFORMED preview above. The more I've gone through this material from top to bottom, the more I am excited about it. it is so solid and needed.

If you lead a Life Group or host, assistant, spouse or hosting a new group, we need you at the August 20 Rally/Orientation if at all possible. Please RSVP to Holly and let us know how many you This is a good night to delegate the facilitating if you are a Wednesday night group. Rally where we will go over the Fall "Transformed" small group campaign in detail. Each of you will receive your Group DVD's and your own copy of the Transformed journal/group leader book.

Mark your calendar and BRING an APPRENTICE! We are believing God for 20 new Life Groups this Fall. Who is in your group that you can challenge and bring. RSVP them and invite them to the Rally to learn more about hosting a Transformed group for 7 weeks.

Jonah (a Priscilla Shirer study) Starts July 16

Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted. Ladies if you are looking to get into a short term study this summer on Wednesday nights, join Kelly Beale and others for this 7 week study, featuring the teaching of Priscilla Shirer. Contact Kelly to sign up or to find out more. it's Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00pm in room 234 starting July 16.

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